12 Super Adorable DIY Infinity Scarves!

Yesterday, a few friends and I ventured to Northern New Jersey to do some pumpkin picking. While I was in the car, I noticed that one of my friends was crocheting an infinity scarf. I knew that there must be another way to DIY an infinity scarf without crocheting, and low and behold, Pinterest saved my life.

I found out that DIY-ing an infinity scarf is quite simple. All you really need is some fabric, straight pins, a pair of scissors, and a sewing machine, (if you don’t have one, some needles and thread will do). There are only five easy steps to making your new fall/winter friend! Fold your fabric, sew where you folded, turn the fabric right side out, sew together again, and then wear it! Check out the short tutorial below.


For all you ladies out there who can’t knit or crochet, but are good with sewing a little fabric together, here are 12 easy DIY infinity scarves!

1.) Leopard Print Infinity Scarf

I loooooooove leopard print (don’t judge!). But what makes this scarf purr-fect is that it’s only $4.50 to make!

2.) Tie-Dye-esque Infinity Scarf

Tie-Dye is super cute, and you can totes make this to be a trippy hippie for Halloween!

3.) Coral Infinity Scarf With Buttons 

A perf use for all of those extra buttons that come with new clothes (Or...Etsy!)

4.) Lacy Navy Infinity Scarf 

Half lace + Half navy = Adorable all the way!

5.) Flannel Shirt Infinity Scarf

Got a flannel that doesn’t fit? Now you can convert it into an infinity scarf!

6.) Jersey Infinity Scarf That Doubles As A Nursing Cover

For all you mamas out there that like to use less baby gear, here’s your chance to make a two-in-one!

7.) Mosaic Infinity Scarf Made With Sweaters

Recycle your old sweaters into a mosaic infinity scarf!

8.) Ruffled Infinity Scarf

For this scarf, make sure you stretch out the fabric. This will help create the ruffles, because the stretched out fabric will shrink up as you sew!

9.) Braided Infinity Scarf

This nine-step braided scarf will have all your friends in awe! Don’t forget a glue gun for this one.

10.) Chunky Wool Infinity Scarf

You can make this wool scarf for the colder days!

11.) Reversible Cowl Infinity Scarf

Create a reversible scarf with two different colors!

12.) Floral Print Infinity Scarf

Who says these scarves are just for the chilly months? Think Spring and make one in a fun floral print!


Thanks to Pinterest

Images via Pinterest and linked-back sources

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