I grew up in the quiet Chicago neighborhood Hyde Park, surrounded by the University of Chicago. For the most part, Halloween was intimate and fun: just a few of us kids going from door to door with our professor parents collecting candy from nice people. But I always stayed clear of one block. 


Harper Avenue. It was the hotbed of all things Halloween, and while I ran, my peers flooded the small street. Why? Because it was truly scary. One image is burned into my mind for life: an actress, laying on a porch, pretended to rip her intestines out for all the kids to see. Scary decorations, when done well, have the potential to make Halloween history. Here are 7 decorations that are bound to terrify, lending your house the allure and magic of the legendary Harper Avenue. 



1. A scary doll. This one is available here


2. Captive Hands. These are made with the help of construction paper and a strobe light. Design by Inspiring Pretty


3. Spooky chicken-wire ghosts. Design by Inspiring Pretty. 


4. Skeleton pumpkin. This one made me do a double-take. Get your carving on! Design by Inspiring Pretty. 



5. Melting people. Design by The Creepy House Next Door. Pinned by Kristy Hodoly


6. Terrifying Land-mower Accident. Design by Asylum Design Works. Pinned by Kristy Hodoly. 


7. Whatever this is. It's really, really scary. Thanks to Lisa Vecchio. Repinned by Jeanette Fierro Cadena.


Have a great Halloween, BUSTies!


Images via Ebay, Inspiring Pretty, and Pinterest

This post was published on October 24, 2013