Can you feel that spookiness in the air? Do you have "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah" on repeat right now? Are you potentially drinking something pumpkin flavored?! That's because it's almost Halloween, nerds!

We just dished a bunch of feminist costume ideas last week, but my new favorite website (because costume parties are year-round, right?) "Take Back Halloween" will bring your costume game to a whole new level. Each idea features a badass/historical/legendary dame and gives you complete instructions for everything you will need to complete the look. Let's ch-ch-check it out:


Hatshepsut aka the most powerful female pharaoh. I am highly tempted to rock this look along with the false beard she was notorious for wearing...

Artemis, Greek goddess of wilderness, the moon, any all that other new-age jazz. Nah, I kid. Just watch where you point that bow and arrow!


Anna May Wong was the first Chinese American to break into Hollywood, and boy was she cool! Also a great excuse to rock that cheongsam you made your mom buy you at Epcot but are too embarrassed to wear in public...wait, what? Who said that?

Ahh Frida Kahlo...celebrated creator of self-portraits and eyebrows. This is my personal costume of choice this year, and admittedly, I was originally going to nix the mustache. But after realizing that if Frida can simultaneously sport some lip fuzz and keep a steady stream of numerous male and female lovers, I am going all out. (Side note: Why am I encouraging so much facial hair today?) 

Pretty awesome, right? So, if you want to look like the absolute belle of the ball and/or don't mind explaining who Baba Yaga is 50 different times, check it out! And, as always, share your pics and ideas in the comments!

 This post was pubilshed on October 23, 2013

All images via Take Back Halloween