Somebody one-upped Buttercup! For the latest news in body parts that are more inventive than actual body parts, Christina Stephens has built a prosthetic leg out of LEGOS. That's right. A LEGOleg.

Christina is an occupational therapist, clinical researcher and peer educator who had her left leg amputated after a foot crush injury. She's the lady behind Amputee OT, a social media personality who posts fun educational videos about living as an amputee.

Try not to feel jealous of her LEGO mastery as you watch Christina turn itty bitty bricks into a (mostly) functional prosthetic limb:




The vid has now been viewed well over 300,000 times. The official LEGO company even caught wind of her creativity and commented today:

But Christina stays humble, if her Facebook page is any indication.

Between posting rad videos and helping to destigmatize amputee life, she writes "I'm just like everyone else: I put my legs on one at a time."

Check out the rest of Christina's videos at the Amputee OT channel.


Images via Amputee OT.

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