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    Want to reduce your carbon footprint, support women-owned businesses, and look hella fierce, besides? Shop feminist vintage. Because there’s nothing like putting your money behind your ideologies and getting a bitchin’ outfit while you’re at it. Here are three of our favorite online vintage shops with a conscience—each run by fearless, feminist treasure-hunters. 

    Ten of Cups Vintage

    tenofcups d4ba8Vintage 1970s Button-Up, $20.80

    Specializing in affordable, size-inclusive fashion, New Orleans-based Ten of Cups is stocked with fun and quirky picks from across the decades by founders (and life partners) Jade Taylor and Ian Kadis. Think brightly colored muumuus, cool band tees, and funky printed sweatshirts. Nothing in the shop is categorized by gender and everything is cleansed with sage, palo santo, or essential oil mists. (A heads up for shoppers with serious animal allergies, they do have two cats.) 


    Lost Girls Vintage 

    lostgirls 7ac201990s Silver Bandeau Gown, $78

    Started in a Winnebago by friends Sarah Azzouzi and Kyla Embrey, Lost Girls is about more than vintage clothes—it’s about “breaking molds,” and living “an unapologetically fearless life of fun and adventure” in a big-ass van that dudes constantly assume Azzouzi and Embrey don’t know how to maneuver (they do). From their Etsy site, pop-up shops around the U.S., the Chicago community shop Humboldt House, this twosome sells everything from Victorian-era garments to ’90s fashion in sizes 00 to 18. 


    Stitch Bitch Vintage 

    stitchbitch 039411970s Printed Shirt, $19.99

    Every item from Brooklyn-based Stitch Bitch Vintage, founded by Ashley Markle, is dedicated to an influential woman—like the beautifully embroidered black kimono dedicated to 18th century Chinese astronomer, mathematician, and poet Wang Zhenyi, or the striped denim flares dedicated to Gloria Steinem. Each piece comes with a hand-drawn illustration and a few facts about the icon it invokes, to make sure the wearer feels as awesome as “the badass bitches” who came before her. 

    By Chris Ciolli

    This article originally appeared in the January/February 2019 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!

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