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    For our ongoing Fashion Nation series, we talk to people about their personal style.

    Emily Nokes
    Singer for the band Tacocat and Music Editor for BUST
    Seattle, WA

    Tell us about your outfit. 

    This dress is a Tinkerbell costume dress. The boots are really amazing, but they’re almost falling apart. The tights are handmade sparkle tights by Sequin Designs (@sequindesigns), an awesome woman from Texas who I met on Instagram. The sparkle kimono was a gift from my boyfriend. 

    How would you describe your style?

    More is more, for sure. Pattern clashing is one of my favorites. I kind of have a sci-fi interest, but with a Lisa Frank influence as well. Alien meets Lisa Frank meets Blade Runner.

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    Being a performer, how do you draw the line between what you’ll wear for a casual everyday look and what you’ll wear on stage? 

    When I’m on stage, the things that I choose are a heightened version of what I’d normally wear, sort of like doing drag of myself. ’Cause [when] you’re performing, you want it to be special or different, and a lot of the pieces I wear on stage are ones that, for practical reasons, you can’t really go around in during the day. 

    You’ve dyed your hair all sorts of colors. What role does that play in your style? 

    I have a whole spectrum of colors [in my closet] that are for when I have warmer hair, like pink, orange, or red. There’s a whole different makeup approach, colors that I like to wear with each other, or colors that don’t look as good together. Sometimes I’ll say, “Oh, my hair is a dark, dark blue, so now I’m gonna find everything in my closet that’s orange.” 

    Do you have any go-to places to shop in Seattle? Or when you’re on tour?

    Indian Summer in Seattle is the shit. As far as shopping on tour, we’ll stop at any costume shop we see! The Tucson Thrift Shop [in Arizona] is amazing. We will go out of our way to make time for that. Another store we always try to hit when we’re in North Carolina is Chapel Hill’s Rumors.



    Get your sci-fi shine on with some of Emily’s greatest hits

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    1. Plum Floral Sequin Tights, $150, sequinflowerdesigns.etsy.com

    2. Susan Alexandra Parfait Bag, $265, shopbop.com

    3. Opening Ceremony Stripe Belted Shirt Dress, $128, openingceremony.com

    4. Lasula Sequin Flared Pants in Silver, $53, asos.com

    5. Long Red Fishnet Gloves Deluxe, $4.99, partycity.com

    6. Lala Mermaid Platform Sneaker, $100, yru.life

    By Emma Davey
    Photographed by Kelly O
    This article originally appeared in the May/June 2019 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!

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