1. Kenyan AA Whole Bean Coffee by Ajiri Tea, $17.00

    Ajiri: To Employ

    In the city that never sleeps, coffee becomes our best friend, and there’s no better way to begin a good day than with the perfect cup of Kenyan Coffee. Ajiri Tea offers whole bean Kenyan Coffee, perfectly paired with subtle citrus and berry flavors to begin a morning in good taste! Ajiri Tealives up to the translation of their name: this company donates 100% of their profits to orphan education, their coffee and tea is cultivated in Kenya and every label is individually hand-designed by Western Kenyan women on dried banana leaves. Help support the effort to create an independent, self-sustainable community that isn’t functioning on unreliable international sponsorship. Ajiri now fully sponsor 29 orphans – so give the gift of giving this holiday, and help this company support even more kids! 


    2. Run For Office Necklace by Activated NYC, $38.00

    This bracelet speaks for itself (literally) and its message is most important in today’s age. Remind your loved ones that their voices must be heard, and that it’s time to wake up and resist! Gift awareness and motivation to those important to you. Activated NYC specializes in feminist jewelry, creating pieces to spread solidarity with this uplifting accessory for every outfit. Whether you’re resisting the policies of “Not My President” or just generally supporting women (as you should), show your voice in style.


    3. Purple Peacock Polymer Clay Feather Pendant by Artifacts Everyday, $65.00

    Celebrate and share the story of Aztec Goddess Xochiquetzal with this handmade clay necklace! Boston-based Artifacts Everyday creates beautiful pieces from polymer clay.  Whether it's a wave choker or a Cleopatra headpiece, designer Elle Marrone's pieces are sure to catch attention and start conversations.

    4. Dominican Republic Dark Chocolate by Dalloway, $9.00

    Share and savor the flavors of currant and sour cherry in this chocolate bar hailing from the Dominican Republic! Dalloway Chocolate is a Brooklyn-based company that swears by the power of cacao and the love it spreads. This is the first coffee company that's owned by a queer couple with a passion and mission for "building love and community with chocolate." Help spread the deliciousness of the message of love while supporting the LGBTQ community and gift these tasty chocolate bars this year.

    5. "Witches Against Hate" Button byChloe L Wilkinson$3.00

    Help witchy feminists fight against all types of hate with this pin. Adorned with sage and the moon, every focal equalist can show racists and prejudicists what's really going on without speaking a word.Chloe L Wilkinson is a New York-based artist who uses Surrealism and Victorian influences to design art prints, pins, and patches. Herphotographyis stunning and focuses on the true wonders of nature.

    6. Busy Bitches Candle by SugarBush Babes$15.00

    Show your girl you support her nonstop hustle bustle with this "Busy Bitches" candle. SugarBush Babes offers this hand-poured vegan soy wax candle. This candle offers enticing scents of green tea and lemongrass to offer a relaxing solace to the go-getter bitches. True bosses never slow down or care enough to stop, and this is a message SugarBushBabes supports and promotes.Creator Dianna Pena, a previous Motorcycle Company apparel buyer, is all about strong women who flourish in their freedom, confidence, and style. Plus: all NYC biker babes, come check out her bike garage in Ridgewood! There's storage, shopping, and a technician to assist with repairs.

    7. Nectar Fire Tonic by Hany's Fire Tonic, $15.00

    Give the gift of good health available fromHany's Fire Tonicwith this Nectar Fire Tonic.  Apple Cider Vinegar is known for its health benefits, and owner Hany has created the perfect recipe infusing this into recipes perfect for all taste preferences and lifestyles.Hany's Fire Tonic has four delectable flavors to choose from that have been handcrafted in Brooklyn. You can check out their blog to learn even more about all their tonics and learn which one is perfect for you!

    8. Designer Pussy Tee by Geneva Diva$25.00

    Help your girls let all suitors know what they're really dealingwith this shirt! This silkscreen shirt is handmade and is one of the outspoken pieces available from Geneva Diva. Whether you're in search of keychains, spunky thongs, hoodies, or crop tops, don't hesitate to scroll through theirInstagram to see what other badass products are available.

    9. Long Black Gloves by LamiaDesign, $101.00

    These open-fingered gloves from Lamia Designsare showstoppers to step up any outfit to the next level. Show off your sassy manicure or new ring collection with these, all eyes are sure to be drawn right to it! Lamia Designs has worked for years in the fashion world, and is open to your own ideas for different design ideas or material choices to make your dream gloves your own reality. Check out her blog here to see all the different styles she's mastered!

    10.Awaken the Scorpion Ring byMERCURY HOUR, $110.00

    This breath-taking ring is sure to startle some, but let it be a forewarning to foes of your true strength within. Mercury Hour incorporates the strength of power and rebirth into this ring, and have been incorporating all that scorpions stand for into their masterpieces since 2014. This ring holds a story itself, and there's little better gift than an incomplete story to partake on a journey. Plus, labradorite, the stone of transformation, is embedded in the center, making sure to guide and protect your friend to holding their consciousnesses strong. See all the stunning work done by Scarlett C. Dancer in her lookbook!

    11.The Dark Amethyst Crown byJudy & Madeleine, $44.99


    Become the literal feminist goddess that you are with these magical and mystical crowns from Judy and Madeleine. These handcrafted headpieces are inspired by infamous paintings, films and books and every piece is made-to-order. This means that you can be the envy of everybody and anybody while wearing your unique headpiece as you strut down the runway of the city streets and smash the patriarchy with every step. 



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  • Bert and Ernie 13e2f

    The gray days are here! You know, that time of year when a gray sky means it’s daytime. When the air is so cold and dry, walking outside feels like a slap in the face. As temperatures drop, my sartorial choices are based solely on warmth. Any degree below 50 means I need to be the most comfortable I’ve ever been in my life. All I can think about it outsmarting the weather.

    From November to March, my style can be described as hibernation dressing. I will wear anything that could have been a blanket at some point. Who wouldn’t want to be swaddled in a cashmere adult onsie? Or one of your grandma’s afghan blankets that she crocheted herself? But even though I want to feel like I’ve been in bed all day, I don’t necessarily want to look like it.

    Luckily, many people seem to share these sentiments considering the oversized sweater trend never gets old, like this pic of Lenny Kravitz or Lenny Kravitz himself. Maybe at the end of the day we all want to feel like adult babies, so here are some options that go maximum on comfort but don’t skimp on style.

    il 570xN.848173147 rxxr bcbaeOff White Asymmetrical Sweater in Ivory by FloAtlelier, $45.50, XS-XXL, 

    This beauty is handmade in Bulgaria. The asymmetry elegantly offsets the roominess of the sweater and the sleeves are to die for. The cut affords you to get creative with layering and proportions.

    il 570xN.1638000322 ji97 60e12Vintage Teddy Jacket in Navy by ThePinacoladaShop, $35, One Size, 

    I want to live in this sweater/jacket/cocoon for the rest of my life. Perfect for running errands, I’m getting overwhelmed just thinking of all the things I’d accomplish in this wearable cushion.

    000003660017 4259123f 82ba 4848 accc 83318624197d 2000x ea5c8Julliard Mohair Sweater in Multi Stripe by Ganni, $440, XS-M, 

    If it looks like cotton candy, I want it in my closet. Love how this sweater is styled with a chiffon maxi skirt and lacquered pumps.

    red sweater b9d65Micha Turtleneck in Crimson by Ulla Johnson, $485, P-L, 

    Ohh, one can dream. They’re not cheap, but Ulla Johnson makes the most glorious knits. The orange-red color reminds me of a Renaissance painting. I’d wear this to the Met Ball with a long, high-waisted skirt, and then after, I’d change into some high-waisted denim flares and go back in time to Studio 54. Yes, one can dream.

    1086886 023 1 775bePuff Sleeve Sweater in Red by Eloquii, $69.90,14-28, 

    One can also purchase the more moderately priced lookalike. We’ve got the same gorgeous color with the same statement sleeves. Only difference is you can purchase all three of the colors it comes in for a third of the price of its more expensive counterpart.

    il 570xN.1644191334 fby3 f1ca3High Neck Cozy Knit Sweater in Beige by BLUEBLUEUS, $54.88, One Size, 

    This color and cut screams minimalism of the late '90s. When you mashup Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, Donna Karan, Ally McBeal, Calvin Klein, and Gwyneth Paltrow, you get this sweater.

    p02rk102504w 02c33 Extreme Tassel Jumper in Gray by Neon Rose, £45,14-26, 

    The tassel details provide just the right amount of festivity without crossing over into Christmas sweater territory. The loose, rolled-over neckline and trending balloon sleeves make for optimal burrowing.

    green sweater 84a11Fluffy Fine Knit Cardigan in Forest Green by Curves, £19.99, 18-28, 

    This cardigan is so soft and fluffy, you won’t be missing out on warmth. But it’s still lightweight enough for layering and transitioning temperatures. Pair it with some high-waisted jeans and a plain tee and sneakers for a day of errands, or layer it over a cocktail dress to add some edge to a classic ensemble.

    il 570xN.1664091833 kblz 825e7Knit Tunic in Black by BLUEBLUEUS, $55.12, One Size, 

    The perfect sweater for the person who looks like animated birds help them get dressed each morning. The person who fancies an afternoon of bookstores and museums before returning to their pied à tère with a spiral staircase. The scalloped edges are so romantic in contrast with the classic shape.

    il 570xN.1637774380 gnvl 5258eOpen Front Teddy Coat Jacket Cardigan in Army Green by AChicMinimalist, $27, XS-L, 

    A reinvention of the day-to-evening look. You can take this sweater from your bed to your job interview by throwing on some black jeans and those red pumps you keep under your desk for such occasions.

    KULE d5001The Remus Sweater in Sand by KULE, $498, XS-L, 

    With a range of silhouettes and color combinations reminiscent of the '70s, KULE is a stripe lovers' paradise. I like to call these investment stripes, as KULE is definitely on the pricey side. But the website is definitely worth perusing, whether you're an avid collector or stripe rookie. This 100% cashmere cardigan would make Bert and Ernie proud. 

    10103408 color and character cardigan blue multi MAIN 7a75aColor and Character Cardigan by ModCloth, $59, XXS- 4X,

    Business in the cut and party in the fit, this cardigan marries comfort and party attire with its rich, navy hue and playful multi-color stripes. Pair it with some ankle-length black pants and gold heels for your office’s holiday party.

    image 1ca740b8 a53e 421d b0d6 1e0c667dd86f 900x 8d3e9Crop Turtleneck Sweater in Lapis by First Rite, $286, S-L,

    There’s something so theatrical about a billowy sleeve. The rich color and thick hoops really amp up the drama. All that’s missing is a bold lip.

    Header photo, Sesame Street, PBS

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  • janeth1 0c73b

     In BUST's Fashion Nation series, we talk to women about their personal style. 

    Janeth Gonda
    BUST Event Planner and Musician
    Brooklyn, NY


    Tell me about this outfit.

    This is one of my favorite shirts. I love how sexy it is, revealing yet mysterious. I really like how much it makes me feel like a woman. I’m just starting to become in tune with my body, my age, and my womanhood.

    How would you describe your personal style?

    Definitely gothic and sleek. I like to wear a lot of lace, a lot of straps. Pretty much everything I wear is black, but also comfortable. I have to be able to feel comfortable in what I’m wearing, which makes me feel confident.

    How has your personal style evolved?

    My fashion over the last few years has just gotten a lot sexier. For a long time, I don’t think I really felt like I could be so bold or sexy. It is only recently that I realized I can, and as I’ve grown into more of a woman, my fashion sense has grown up, too.

    janeth2 d9c77

    What do you wear when you hit the stage with your band, Espejismo?

    It depends on the show, really. I actually have a handmade belly dancing outfit that I wear a lot, but if we’re playing more of our heavier songs, I’m usually wearing high boots with black pants, something that makes me feel like I’m in command.

    Do you have any go-to places to shop around Brooklyn?

    I like affordable things. I have a lot of luck with thrift stores like Beacon’s Closet. Most of my favorite clothes are actually from Colombia, where I’m from. I really love the style that they have in Bogotá, and you can get really high-quality things at a fraction of the price you’d find here. If it looks good and it feels good, then I like it.

     copycat 9e641


    Copy Janeth's wild style with these badass buys:

    Faux Leather Satchel, $27.90,

    Life II Necklace, from $130,

    NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in “initiator”, $9 for a set of 3 colors,

    Super High Waist Denim Skinnies in Black, $29.99,

    Alexis Buttoned Up Bodysuit, $19.99,

    Mossimo Supply Co. Women’s Brianna Platform Booties, $37.99,

    By Lydia Wang

    Photographed by Seher Sikandar

    Hair and makeup: T. Cooper/crowdMGMT using ECRU New York

    This article originally appeared in the February/March 2018 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!

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  • large bal beyonce announces world tour including baltimore date in june 20160207 eac50

    Need more feminine rage and lovely outerwear in your Instagram feed? Look no further.

    BUST friend and contributor Sara Benincasa has created our favorite new Instagram account of the week, @excellentcoatsonirritatedwomen. At only five days old, the account already has over 6,000 followers and shows no signs of slowing growth. The pull? Fierce women and fierce coats.

    The account began with a picture of Nancy Pelosi. "Pelosi's Max Mara coat became my burnt sienna North Star the other day. It was great to see Democratic leadership step up and throw Trump's crap right back in his face," Benincasa told BUST. "I tweeted that it was a great day for excellent coats on irritated women, and some folks suggested it should be a motto or a website or something. I decided it should be an Instagram account."

    nancypelosicoat 7fdd9


    Other current political figures can be found on the page, as well as political figures from yesteryear. Women from the arts also grace the page, and so you can scroll from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Rosa Parks, Beyoncé to Bette Davis. Little-known male-passing pirate Mary Read is also featured with drawings from the 18th century.

    Benincasa's favorite coat, though, is the cloth coat donned by Dolores Huerta. "In that photo, she's doing extraordinary work on behalf of marginalized people who work their asses off, and this is a woman who still works her ass off today. I admire her so much, so of course that's influencing her decision," Benincasa said. "But it just looks like the right coat for the job."

    Check out a just a few from Benincasa’s growing collection below.

    ocasiocoats 9e697

    rosaparkscoat d7f3d

    partoncoats e1a7b

    angeladaviscoats 95a68

    Benincasa seeks out submissions over Instagram DM or email (

    All photos from ExcellentCoatsOnIrritatedWomen on Instagram.

    Published December 17, 2018

    By Casey Seline and Lydia Wang

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  • makeitwork 7b555

    See the light with a sunny yellow lamp with retro styling, handcrafted in the U.S.

    studiodeskye1 d9a60


    Keep your tech and specs as clean as your hands.

    well kept 9101d


    Vegan leather ear pads and a built-in mic for those endless video calls.

    Headphones cef62


    Walk tall using practical 
step-by-step exercises from former nurse Harriet Griffey.

    71TjIBXEx3L 13dba


    Dream of the wild outdoors with a calming coastal scene, perfect for printing at home.

    ocean dfaed


    Get green-fingered with hand-pinched porcelain planters by 
East Coast artist Elizabeth Benotti.



    Work from anywhere with a cool case for your computer, cables, and cards.

    bag 05636


    Breathe freshness into your space with pure essential oils.

    spray bottle 13615


    Get juice on the go with a gorgeous portable phone charger.

    SNIX 01e66


    Plan ahead in this neat green diary with 
vegan leather cover.

    Planner 234b7


    Wake up and wind down—this clever 
light-up clock, featuring eight color options, 
also includes an old-school FM radio.

    Gear Homelabs credit Amazon de09f


    By Stephanie J.

    This article originally appeared in BUST's Fall 2020 print edition. Subscribe today!

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  • jess harper sunday 0FiKFe4Y6L0 unsplash 22aa2


    Fashion’s hottest 2022 trends are strutting in, and they are revolutionizing the modern wardrobe. More than a fleeting style rush, these trends not only look good — they do good.

    Sustainable fashion is the movement for environmental integrity within the fashion footprint. It is the progressive, yet stylish protection of our planet that addresses and reacts to issues such as CO2 emissions, pollution, and overproduction.

    Fast fashion has a major impact on the environment. It is responsible for about one-third of all microplastics found in the ocean, and is producing 20% of global water waste, with 85% of all textiles winding up in landfills every year.

    This topic of conversation has sat at the popular table for some time. Many fast fashion brands have announced their commitments towards a more environmentally friendly approach, seeming to celebrate a sense of brand vulnerability and self-awareness. Brands like H&M and Zara have recently pulled up a chair, following their announcements in 2017 and 2019.

    H&M continues to push for their mission to be 100% sustainable by 2030, alongside Zara in their commitment to use 100% sustainable cellulosic fibers for responsible viscose, along with the absolute eradication of single-use plastics, and the complete adoption of green-only packaging by 2023, according to Vogue. And with the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, the retail industry has now completely been turned on its head.

    From economic shutdowns, and the rise of digitized shopping, consumers are now analyzing their own personal fashion footprint as well. Perhaps pushing for a more permanent, environmentally conscious movement in 2022. A trend that may never go out of style.

    “Thanks to COVID-19 the entire industry has been disrupted,” said Forbes. “People working at home, the absence of social life, and economic uncertainty mean clothing sales are plummeting. Production has stopped; supply chains have shut down. At the same time, more and more consumers are voicing their concerns about the industry’s impact on the planet.”

    And now businesses are now realizing this too. That perhaps the weight of success between looking good, and doing good, is actually an equal scale.

    So in an effort to help join this sustainable movement in our own personal closets, we are giving you the sustainable shopping trends to watch for in 2022. Giving your closet the earth-loving-climate-aiding-but-still-totally-stylish-makeover it deserves.

    1. Mushroom Leather

    Animal leather is out, and mushroom leather is in. With its rise in luxury fashion over the past year, this vegan alternative has the potential to not only save millions of animals, but serve as an educational movement that can help aid the climate crisis.

    In the United States, around 159 million animals are slaughtered each year for the leather industry. So by this logic, a sustainable alternative like mushroom leather seems like a fashion-no-brainer right? And in sum— it proves to be.  

    anne nygard D6P V3CQlnk unsplash 61344Unsplash/ Anne Nygård

    Bolt Threads, a biomaterials company working with mushroom leather, has pushed this sustainable conversation further, through their recent collaboration with Stella McCartney’s mushroom leather handbag, shown at Paris fashion week. Stella McCartney has also dropped peaks at their fungi inspired collection for summer 2022. 

    Alongside Stella McCartney, many other brands have boarded this sustainable fashion train, with the development of their own mushroom leather products like Adidas, Kering and Lululemon. 

    Adidias and Lululemon have already made announcements with their mushroom leather products, with Adidas’ mushroom leather shoes, and Lululemon’s mushroom leather yoga mat— both talked to be released hopefully later this year. Bolt Threads leaves consumers impatiently waiting for more confirmed drops in 2022, according to their website.

    Indeed, many brands have already made an asset of this sustainable zeal, but how permanent is the future of mushroom leather within the industry? 

    In a recent interview with The Guardian, Dr. Matt Scullin, CEO of biomaterials company MycoWorks, alongside biologist and author Merlin Sheldrake, discuss their predictions on mushroom leather heading into 2022, and how it could be the ultimate sustainability gamechanger to “unlock a future of design.” 

    “We have been trained as consumers to think in terms of a straight line whereby we buy something, use it and throw it away,” said Sheldrake to The Guardian. “Fungi can inform thinking about fashion on lots of levels… this is about material innovation, but it’s also about the culture of making endless new things, and what we can learn from thinking in terms of nature and of cycles instead.”

    2. Shopping Local 

    thank you local 053c2Unsplash/ Tim Mossholder

    Shopping at our local boutiques has repeatedly been discussed to have a significant positive impact on the planet and our local economy— from employing local people, sourcing local materials, and minimizing our carbon footprint. And due to COVID-19, the praising of shopping locally continues to be a rising trend for 2022. And why is that you may ask? Put simply: consumer behavior is evolving.

    With many businesses forced to shut-down during the pandemic, consumers have taken time to reevaluate and reflect on their shopping values. Values that have sent echoing waves of support and encouragement for small businesses within their local communities. 

    According to a recent QuickBooks survey, more than 9 in 10 (93%) of shoppers said that supporting small businesses is more important than ever due to the pandemic. 

    Building those more personable relationships seems to be a desired factor within individual shopping experiences; perhaps due to the social distancing mandates that have us in short supply of face-to-face interaction.

    The importance of supporting Black-owned businesses for example, has been a trending conversation within this shift. The pandemic has set back many Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) businesses, however their progress is being fiercely nurtured within their communities. 

    According to reports from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Amazon recently launched the Black Business Accelerator program in 2021, committing to provide mentorship, marketing, and promotional support to Black-owned third-party sellers. Alongside, Sephora invited eight brands with BIPOC founders to participate in their six-month Accelerate Incubator Program to help participants master their business skills. Many other brands like Macy’s and Target have also joined the movement in their partnerships with Black-owned businesses as well. 

    And even with these larger companies responding to the wake up call of involving themselves within their target communities, finding our own local boutiques to partner and shop with as consumers, should—and always— remain on trend too.

    3. Capsule Wardrobing

    alexandra gorn WF0LSThlRmw unsplash 234a2Unsplash/ Alexandra Gorn

    From our army of lounge sets and basic tees, to retreating to that one blazer for your daily Zoom meeting, it is no secret that the pandemic has transformed our wardrobes to become full of a gray, white, black, and beige camouflaged ‘minimalism.’ 

    Perhaps now introducing the possibility and deeper realization that our outfits actually work for multiple occasions. So maybe that one blazer is actually a two-for-one deal that serves as a stylish girls night outfit accessory? And maybe that lounge set can be paired with more than just your house slippers? 

    This trend of mixing and matching of clothing does have a name for 2022, and she is better known as— capsule wardrobing

    And while this trend appears to be rising in 2022, it dates all the way back to the 1970s. 

    Susie Faux, Founder of the London clothing boutique Wardrobe, coined the term and dressed it in stylish, individual confidence. She described capsule wardrobing to be "the collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces,” according to Refinery29. The idea became mainstream once designer Donna Karen created the first capsule collection in 1985— "Seven Easy Pieces."

    By resourcing the same sweater or jacket for multiple outfits and multiple seasons, not only are you pocketing some extra coffee shop funds, but you are also helping to promote slow fashion, and therefore minimizing your carbon footprint.

    Layers, for example, are a great capsule wardrobe trick. From pairing a turtleneck top with a button-up and jewelry (currently my 5-day-a-week fit); or a beige trench coat with a simple sweater, jeans, and black boots. These are items that many of us can find in our current wardrobes already. And I mean isn't that the idea?

    Capsule wardrobing allows people to filter out the trending distractions that are caused by the fast fashion industry. It alters our shopping patterns, and with sustainability being a popular conversation leading up to 2022, I am not surprised capsule wardrobing made the list.

    However, a capsule wardrobe does not necessarily mean 'basic and beige.' Rather it simply encourages the idea of searching for those everyday pieces that pair well together, then minimizing the rest. So maybe that one floral dress you wore one time back in 2015 (and thus never wearing again) can be donated. Now making more room for that vintage sweater, band tee, or whatever else you adore.

    4. Secondhand Fashion and The Use of Recycled Textiles 

    edward howell cMGg7PyBcOg unsplash 82b0eUnsplash/ Edward Howell

    By now, many of us are aware of the issues surrounding the disposal of the short-lived, low quality products within fast fashion. The industry is responsible for around 8 percent of global climate impacts— according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EPA).

    However, with post-pandemic business models pushing for growth within the sustainable fashion realm, it is of course only natural that a movement for secondhand fashion is forecasted in 2022. 

    Secondhand fashion is the repurposing of old, used clothing. For example, the use of recycled textiles— a sustainable process that gives life back to old clothing fabrics, and overall helps limit raw material exploitation and reduces textile waste. 

    Many brands and social media users have already immersed themselves in such clothing practices. From DIY clothing hacks, to sharing their latest social media ‘thrifting tips’— the world of retail is embracing a total fashion revitalization.  

    And of course in this conversation, we can’t help but list one of our favorite sustainable textile brands— Suay Sew Shop, featured in our Winter 2021 print edition of BUST. 

    Since 2017, Suay Sew Shop founders Lindsay Rose Medoff and Tina Dosewell, along with production manager Silvia Acevedo, have embraced the movement for reusable textile shopping. 

    “Suay is here to be a pillar of support to help the community engage in reuse,” says Medoff. 

    Which is also the reason they offer many other services such as garment alteration and customization and memory-quilt making, along with monthly community dye baths— allowing their clients the opportunity to mail in or drop off clothing items that need refreshing. 

    According to the popular thrifting site thredUp, the secondhand retail market is predicted to double within the next five years. Overall growing eleven times faster than the broader retail clothing sector by 2025, with millions of first time secondhand shoppers joining the movement during the pandemic.

    “Society places value on having the latest styles over sustainability,” said WhoWhatWearEditor, Jasmine Fox-Suliaman. “One day, I looked at my closet and realized it was filled with disposable pieces I didn't love, so I decided to change the way I shop. My solution was to start buying quality secondhand pieces over fast fashion. It turns out great style doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny.”

    It has become no secret that sustainability matters to consumers. Offering a funky and fun shopping experience that makes us feel good about our purchases. But 2022’s sustainable fashion trends are proving to be more than just a way to shop. It is audacious and quirky. It is a confidence rooted in a 20 dollar outfit from a thrift store. It is saving the planet one vintage sweater at a time, but even more so— it is a lifestyle.


    TOP PHOTO: Unsplash/ Jess @ Harper Sunday


    Scenery DSC09852 1 883bb

    As a professional stage manager for more than 17 years, Jen Kahn has seen a lotof theatrical sets—and watched many of them get thrown away. “It broke my heart to see all of that art just go in the trash can,” Kahn says. This waste, combined with her passion for eco-friendly fashion, inspired Kahn to launch Scenery Bags, a line of one-of-a-kind totes, clutches, and fannypacks ($35 to $85) handmade from retired backdrops from Broadway shows like Mamma Mia and Hairspray. “It’s been really fun to design a new bag every time we get a new drop in,” Kahn says. Even cooler, a portion of the proceeds go to the nonprofit Theater Development Fund, making theater affordable for young people. “With arts being taken out of school curriculums, we’re losing a younger generation,” says Kahn. “Access has always been important to me.”

    IMG 7023 e7a4f

    By Lydia Wang
    This article originally appeared in the March/April 2019 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!


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