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    BUST is excited to exclusively premiere SUSU's new song and video, “It Can’t Be Over.” The song is the lead single off of their upcoming debut EP, Panther City. The single is a catchy tune about not wanting a relationship to end, featuring soulful guitar and rich vocals.


    The New York-based band is known for blending of rock ‘n’ roll and soul. SUSU, led by Liza Colby and Kia Warren, combines Liza’s psychedelic sensibility and Kia’s slow-burn aesthetic. Of the band, Liza says, “We aren’t shy about being black women in Rock and Roll. There is an aliveness, an awareness, and a spirituality to SUSU that are both timely and timeless.” The band’s music explores themes of femininity and sexual energy.

    “It Can’t Be Over” recounts a classic battle of the heart. The song asks the question: how do we choose to love while fighting for ourselves? The music video, premiering today, shows both frontwomen dealing with different relationships and fighting through them.


    You can watch the video below and check out the band’s website here.

    Video By: David Barron 
    Artwork/Photos: Sarah KC
    Vocals and Tambourine: Liza Colby & Kia Warren
    Guitar: Nik Lee
    Rhythm Guitar / Organ: Andrew Skates 
    Bass: Aden Bubeck 
    Drums: Josh Block & Jordan Richardson

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    If you’re looking for a song that will make you want to snuggle up in a blanket and get into your feels—then you’ve come to the right place. BUST is thrilled to exclusively premiere the new single from singer-songwriter Annika Bennett, “Only Emotion.”

    The latest single from her forthcoming EP of the same name, “Only Emotion” builds up from what feels like an intimate gig with just Bennett and her guitar into a soulful crescendo incorporating drums and strings that will leave the listener hanging on her every word.

    “‘Only Emotion’ is about struggling to process things,” Bennett says. “It was inspired by a moment of being rejected. But instead of letting myself feel hurt, I was trying to convince myself and the other person that everything was fine.”

    Originally hailing from New York City, Bennett blazed her artistic trail in the Nashville DIY scene and has written songs with gnash, Jordy Searcy, and Catie Turner. As for her own music, it's been described as a fusion of pop, country, and indie with the “remarkably playful instincts of McCartney classic rock.” And we couldn’t agree more.

    Bennett is finding her way onto every Chill Pop playlist imaginable, and for fans of Phoebe Bridgers, dodie, and mxmtoon, adding her to your music library is a must. You can stream “Only Emotion,” as well as Bennett’s first two singles, “Sober Up” and “Your World,” on Spotify and Apple Music today. Be sure to keep an eye out for her debut EP in early 2021.

    And when you’re crying later, just remember: It’s only emotion.

    Top Photo: Photography by Drew Bauml


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    It’s been an amazing few months for women in music, and if you’re about due for a fresh new track that’s equal parts empowering and catchy, we’ve got a recommendation ready—Emmy Wildwood’s latest single, “Everything Hurts,” which we’re psyched to premiere here on

    “‘Everything Hurts’ is about the moment that survival instincts kick in during a crisis,” Wildwood tells BUST. “We’re taught as women to constantly withstand everything in all of our relationships, romantic or otherwise, so things have to be really bad to get the strength to fight for fair treatment and justice. Because we’re taught not to speak out, it’s in those rock bottom situations that we tend to find or remember our power.”

    Check it out below:

    Also an avid curator, punk band alum, and one-time Converse collaborator, Wildwood has been making solo music since 2013—her track “Scream" was featured on FOX’s Scream Queens soundtrack. Though the alt-pop songstress is based between Tucson and Los Angeles, “Everything Hurts” was recorded in Brooklyn. The song directly follows “Down Down,” another release of Wildwood’s from earlier this year, and both singles will be on her forthcoming 2019 EP, All My Blood.

    You can listen to all of Wildwood’s music on Spotify and SoundCloud, and check her out on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

    Top photo courtesy of Emmy Wildwood

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