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    From Coachella to #Beychella 

    Queen Beyoncé graced the Coachella main stage yesterday, and everyone is still recovering from the monumental performance. She is the first black woman to headline the events since its conception in 1999. Her performances lasted for over two hours and showcased a black marching band, dancers, and pledges all prepping the fictional Beta Delta Kappa. The audience was transported through multiple eras of Beyoncé's musical career and honestly, we can't wait to see what next weekend at #Beychella will bring. Read more at The Root.

    The Windrush Generation Faces Deportation

    The BBC reports that the Windrush Generation — a group of immigrants who came to the UK from Caribbean countries, Jamaica, Trinidad, and Tobago, between 1948 and 1971 — is now facing deportation. These people immigrated from British colonies that had not achieved independence and believed they were British citizens, but they are now being told that they need documentation to keep working and living in the UK.


    14-Year-Old Brennan Walker Shot At After Asking For Directions

    Michigan authorities have arrested a 53-year-old man in Rochester Hills for firing a shotgun at Brennan Walker. Brennan, a 14-year-old black boy, knocked on a door to ask for directions to school when the wife of the man arrested assumed that lost boy was trying to rob her. Sheriff Michael Bouchard called what happened “absurd,” and we agree. Trying to get to school should never result in almost being shot. Read more at Slate.


    Grey’s Anatomy Addresses DACA in Latest Episode 

    In the episode “Beautiful Dreamer,” Grey's Anatomy reveals that intern Same Bello, played by Jeanine Mason, is a DACA recipient. Producers recruited the consulting serves Define American, a non-profit dedicated to humanizing immigrants through media, to help make the episode as realistic as possible. Grey’s shows the complicated reality of being a dreamer no matter how upstanding a citizen you are. Read more at Variety.


    The More Women In A Study Group, The Better 

    Introductory science classes are traditionally difficult, however study groups that are predominantly female often get better grades, based on a research study nearly 400 University of Minnesota students who took an introductory biology course. Read more at Pacific Standard magazine.


    The First Sexual Assault Recorded On Papyrus 

    Quartz reports that since the early 19th century, the British Museum has had a papyrus detailing a written complaint by a man named Amennakht about an accomplished worker whose corruption and treatment of women made caused him to get fired. Past studies of the papyrus were not concerned with its description of sexual harassment and assault, but the post-Weinstein era calling for zero tolerance of sexual assault and with the #MeToo campaign has caused researchers to evaluate the story.


    Two Men Arrested at Starbucks for Sitting

    The chief executive of Starbucks called for “unconscious bias” training after two unnamed black men were arrested for sitting inside a Philadelphia Starbucks—videos of the arrest went viral on social media.The two men were arrested and detained for nine hours until they were finally released. White patrons of the store, including Andrew Yaffe, who runs a real estate development firm, objected; Yaffe asked, “Does anybody else think this is ridiculous? It’s absolute discrimination.” The manager who called the police has now been fired. Read more at the Washington Post.

    Photo credit: Instagram/Beyoncé

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    After a year of cancelled music festivals and travel, musicians and attendees of the Bottlerock Napa Valley Music Festival were thrilled to drink wine together, dance together and enjoy a little bit of normalcy for three days from Sept 3-5.  This was the first music festival/live music event I personally attended since before the pandemic and I was not the only one. 

    I am one of those people who covers live music regularly. For the past couple of years I have had the privilege of covering music festivals such as Riot Fest, Pitchfork and others. Music festivals took a serious hit in 2020 with cancellations from Coachella, Bottlerock Napa Valley, Riot Fest, Pitchfork, Lollapalooza and many more across the country. 

    You don’t realize how much you may take something for granted until you lose it. 

    With a packed lineup including Megan Thee Stallion, Miley Cyrus, Guns and Roses, G-Eazy, Jack Harlow, Jessie Reyez and many more taking to the stage, many of us, including myself, were ready to drink wine and do some hot girl shit. 

    One sentiment was shared by all artists and attendees, music festivals have been missed and we are happy they are back. 

    “It’s really exciting. I’m happy I feel, I mean with all the measures that the city is taking I feel safe. I think that everybody here is either vaccinated or has a negative COVID test. So it’s really refreshing and it feels nice. I mean we all need this,” Owner of Foley Johnson Winery Giovanni Verdejo told BUST. 

    But attending a live-music festival mid pandemic means extra measures had to be taken to ensure the health and safety of attendees. 

    All attendees were required to provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccine (my photographer and I are fully vaccinated) or a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of each day a person attended the festival to enter. Rapid testing was also available onsite.

    But while precautions were taken, some were still a little worried of the fact that they could get sick from attending the festival. 

    “It’s kinda scary if I think about it. I know I could get sick but I am fully vaccinated,” attendee Jojo Ryan a Chico State college student said. “Being back here is like I have no words. It’s so great. I’ve missed music festivals so much.”

    Last summer, like most of 2020, Bottlerock Napa Valley was cancelled. Usually, Bottlerock takes place earlier in the summer around Memorial Day, but because of the pandemic the festival took place in early September.

    COVID-19 has severely impacted the music industry and live music in general. According to The World Economic Forums, the music industry has two main forms of revenue, live-music and recorded music. 

    According to a report from the Recording Industry Association of America pre-pandemic the music industry created $170 billion in value annually to the U.S. GDP and supported 2.47 million jobs across a wide range of professions, and accounts for $9.08 billion in export sales.

    Those numbers were severely decimated by the cancellation of live musical performances, forcing many music venues to close. Since then there’s been a pivot to more online concerts and streaming platforms to make revenue. 

    Pollstar, a website which keeps track of live-music economic data estimated the total lost revenue for the live music industry in 2020 at more than $30 billion.

    In August 2020 Live Nation, one of the biggest live event organizations in the United States reported a loss of $576.5 million

    Even though the show did go on, not all performers in the original line-up performed at Bottlerock. Performers like Stevie Nicks who was supposed to headline canceled her tour over COVID fears before the festival began and her replacement Chris Stapleton, known for his hit “Tennessee Whisky,” canceled at the last minute due to illness. 

    Even with last minute cancellations attendees reveled in the music. I was most excited to see Megan Thee Stallion and since my photographer and I weren’t sure if we would get pit access we tag teamed. 

    Meg Hotgilt 2 d444c

    I wasn’t the only one willing to sit under the 103-degree blazing sun to see my fav. Attendees like Evelyn Tij, a Napa resident, spent 10 hours by the barricades to catch Megan Thee Stallion up close. This was the first music festival she attended since the pandemic started. 

    “What made me have a deeper connection for this festival was the atmosphere. I was surrounded by people who loved the music as much as me and knowing that I was going to see my favorite artist with cool people made it a surreal experience,” Tij said. 

    Attending a music festival with the rise of the Delta variant and talks of the state of California possibly closing again may seem daunting but many attendees that spoke to BUST said they felt safe. 

    Currently California has over 4 million COVID-19 cases and ICU units in hospitals are starting to reach capacity once again. In the Central San Joaquin Valley, where I live the local hospital reported it only had 14 ICU beds left. 

    In Napa, where the festival took place there are currently 0 ICU beds available according to the COVID-19 dashboard. 

    While COVID-19 has disrupted all of our lives and its looming presence threatens our physical health and economy, Bottlerock attendees said the festival was giving back something the virus has taken away: a sense of healing, community and hope. 

    Bottlerock didn’t offer any official onsite therapy, however, there is research that shows music and music therapy has a way of healing traumatic wounds. One recent study by the Center for Public Integrity pointed to utilizing large community gatherings as a way for communities that have undergone trauma and can’t afford therapy to come together and heal. 

    For me, my moment of catharsis was listening to Jessie Reyez sing. Reyez performed music from her album Before Love Came to Kill Us. 

    Jessie Reyez 2 ae706

    I attended Bottlerock with the intention of covering music, but the music made me face the personal traumas caused by the pandemic. And I wasn’t the only one filled with emotions and going through catharsis. Miley Cyrus and many other artists got emotional on stage as they performed. Cyrus shared with audiences that this performance was only her second live in-person performance this year. 

    Miley Cyrus 61125

    Festivals are usually a great place for audiences to discover new artists they may have never heard of before but they are also a great way for new artists to start to build a following. 

    BUST spoke with rising pop artist Molly Moore about her experience performing at the festival. Bottlerock was her first time performing at a music festival ever.

    Molly Moore 39f91

    “It’s definitely scary to think about not being able to continue playing in person because it’s something I love so much and live-streaming is just not the same at all. Like I’m grateful for it. I’m so glad there is a way to connect with people still through all of this wildness that we’ve been through but live music there is just nothing like it,” Moore said. 

    Like many other musicians last year her opportunities to perform her new music were curbed and transferred mostly online. For the past year and change, all of Moore’s shows were done via live stream on Twitch. Although it was a relief to attend the music festival, musicians like Moore feel live-stream concerts are not going to go away.

    Moore is planning on doing a live concert in LA sometime this fall but because of COVID-19 she is unsure when that will be. To ensure she was not part of the problem, Moore chose to get vaccinated against COVID. “This was a choice I had to make for myself and yeah I feel real relived now,” Moore said. 

    As we continue to navigate how COVID-19 has transformed the music industry and festivals, the music industry continues to make the transition back to in person festivals by taking extra precautions, including being strict about onsite testing and vaccination requirements. 

    Like many cities around the country, Napa requires patrons to wear a mask at indoor establishments. 

    It has been a few weeks since the fest and there has not been any news about an outbreak from Bottlerock. Many attendees hope that this means we can start shifting more and more back to live performances as we knew them. “I mean we all need this. We’re social animals that’s what we are and we like to socialize, we like to see people, we like to meet people. Last year was like, you know control, alt, delete. It shouldn’t even exist,” Vardejo said. 

    Bottlerock is expected to return to it’s earlier-in-the summer, late May schedule. Guess you know where I’ll be spending Memorial Day 2022. 

    photographer Maynor Escobar and reporter Isabel Dieppa 2967b

    Top Photo: Krists Luhaers on Unsplash
    Photos by: Maynor Esobar


    thumbnail f0cb7

    Do you enjoy brunch, but like sleeping late more? If so, you will love Grunch, New York City’s only grunge brunch that combines the best of both parties. And, to celebrate Women’s History Month, Grunch is spotlighting the Lilith Fair, the first all-female music touring festival. Be there March 17th at Huckleberry Bar where resident DJs That's So Raben, DJ Wonder and Big Vic will turn the clock back to the '90s when women were dominating the music charts and radio. There also will be live performances from special guests Sandflower and MopTop

    Tracklist 59f2f

    Get tatted at the live tattoo pop-up booth or peruse the vendors for some vintage threads. The Glendalough open bar will be keeping spirits high. And no need to worry about oversleeping. The party starts at 4pm and will continue until 10pm. Check out the playlist courtesy of Grunch below to get you in the mood!

    Photos courtesy of Grunch

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  • 10 ChrisLazzaro FreedomFilmLLC aaea6

    This weekend, I will be attending Elements Lakewood Camping Festival, which will take place on the gorgeous 60-acre lakefront & wooded property in Lakewood, PA. The three-day festival (May 25-27, 2018) will feature an incredible lineup with headlining acts including Claude VonStroke, City of the Sun, Desert Hearts and Sphongle. The stacked lineup will be held acorss over 8 stages, several including of which built through a collaboration of Rhizome NYC and The Reliquarium. Although I am stoked about the lineup, it is the abundance of wellness and health programs being offered at the festival that I am most looking forward too. 

    IMG 0473 1 c8b01 733bc

    The festival will provide accessible health and wellness programs for all attendees, including reiki, meditation, yoga, sound healing, and more. The health and Wellnestprogram at Elements Lakewood Camping Festival is lush with opportunity to grow and connect. Although I always enjoy partying at a festival, I think it is equally important to call attention to the issues and create a safe environment for all parties. This is exactly what Elements is doing, going above and beyond to provide inclusively, and professional wellness treatments.

    31225367 1814999308563373 5377926764062310400 o de5c7

    There has been a lot of talk across festival culture regarding how music festivals can be breeding ground for sexual harassment, and Elements Lakewood Camping Festival is doing their part to ensure that this is not the case at their festival. The weekend will kick off with an opening ceremony, "Cuddles and Consent," in which Rachel Santos will lead a workshop for people of all genders and identities to talk openly talk about consent. This is something I truly believe ALL festivals should implement into their programs. 

    30740419 1810519262344711 6736659218843041792 o 12683

    Beyond the wellness programs, there are a variety of exciting things to do at the festival, including rock climbing, lounging at the pool, fire walking classes, putt-putt golf, and more. There is something for everyone to enjoy at this year’s Elements Lakewood Camping Festival.

    27368309 1730722176991087 1959070673435388773 o 4b35e

    So who will we be seeing this week? Got something cool you think we should cover? DM @made_in_colombiaaaon Instagram. Take a listen to this playlist featuring some of the incredible artists you can find this weekend:

    Photos courtesy Elements Lakewood Camping Festival
    Stage deisgn in first photo by The Reliquarium

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    We are so stoked to head out to Croydon, NH for the 5th annual Wild Woods Music and Arts Festival. The carefully curated lineup accompanied by the intimate vibes make this the perfect festival to gather with your music family. The two-day festival, slated to be one of its bigger years, will be held on Page Farm from August 10th-11th. The stacked lineup features live music from Hayley Jane of Hayley Jane and the Primates and Yes Darling, Lespecial, Emancipator Ensemble, Consider the Source alongside so many dope artists, musicians, and producers.

    Photo provided by Wild Woods Music and Arts Festival

    The festival grounds are sure to impress and activate all of the senses. The stages and environment will be framed by the members of the Reliquarium which includes the incredible woodworking queen, Miss Ivy Ross. The Reliquarium combined with Sonic Beating, Brainwave Lasers, and some of the best lighting and projection on the east coast will create a magical woods environment you won't want to miss!

    14068303 921342164662311 1465815692972629883 n e4e89Photo by Isaac Nines

     The festival will also be offering a variety of classes including, but not limited to, an acoustic yoga set with Hayley Jane, workshops on consent, CBD, and acrylic painting. You may even be able to catch me doing leading a sound meditation workshop, but who's to say ;).

    30629657 1668404419913019 2591886538342137856 n 6b71d

    First photo by Patrick Hughes Photography 


    Take a listen to the dope artists you can find here!


    2018 Artists:
    Emancipator Ensemble (Full Live Band)
    Pink Talking Fish
    Orchard Lounge (official)
    Kung Fu
    Mr. Bill
    Consider the Source (Electric + Acoustic Sets)
    Moon Hooch
    Octave Cat ft. Jesse Miller of Lotus, Eli Winderman of Dopapod
    The Widdler
    The Breakfast
    Strange Machines
    G-Nome Project (Two Sets)! 
    Hayley Jane Acoustic Yoga Set

    Sermon Takeover featuring...
    Mr. Bill B2B Frequent
    Harsh Armadillo
    Bearly Dead
    Zoo Logic
    The Edd
    Daze Inn
    Pilot Wings

    Live Painting and Gallery Displays by
    The Reliquarium
    TJ Spurge
    Ryan Gardell
    Heilig Art
    Katy McManus, Artistry Approach
    Colette Aimée
    Seth Leibowitz
    Diverse Medium: The Art of John Shook
    FOGGer Art
    Alexia Velez
    A.L. Grime



    See you in the woods!


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  • Screen Shot 2018 04 18 at 12.54.20 PM 42fa1

    Last weekend, Beyoncé stepped out on the Coachella stage and completely redefined what it means to be a headliner. Coachella has gained a reputation as one of the most well-known music festivals over its nineteen years. Every year, thousands flock to Indio, California, the home of the festival, to watch a plethora of musical guests and headliners, ranging from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay, The Cure, Kanye West, to Lady Gaga.

    Despite the range of musical genres displayed by past headliners, Beyoncé is the first black woman to ever headlined Coachella. In the words of the Queen, “Aint that a ’bout a bitch?” This fact made her performance historical by default. But, being the first is never enough when you can be the best, and that is exactly what Beyoncé did. Her stunning two-hour performance started with a young woman in a yellow and black marching band uniform killing a drop solo and signaling just how black this performance was going to be. Members of the fictional fraternity that we all wish we could pledge, Beta Delta Kappa, waved flags and spun to the side of the stage to reveal Beyonce herself shrouded in a black and gold cape. From the dancers who mixed traditional HBCU (historically black colleges and universities) stepping with dance choreography, to the marching band version of Jay-Z’s "Family Feud," the performance is built with a black audience in mind.

    Screen Shot 2018 04 18 at 12.53.13 PM cb5f4Photo via Instagram/Beyoncé
    Even though the Coachella audience’s lack of diversity naturally reflects the festival's past headliners, that didn't deter Beyoncé from making this performance a beacon of blackness. In fact, that performance catered to those who were unable attend, with precision filming making watching from a screen give you a better view than standing in amongst thousands of screaming, sweaty people. Her guests included Michelle and Kelly performing some of our favorite Destiny's Child songs, Jay-Z, and, of course, Solange. If that isn’t enough unadulterated blackness for you, how about the incorporation a quote from Malcolm X, “The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.” 

    Screen Shot 2018 04 18 at 12.53.34 PM cf6d2Photo via Instagram/Beyoncé
    If this was not enough to make you want to petition to rename "Coachella" to "Beychella" and have nothing but black women headliners, maybe the “Homecoming Scholars Award Program” will be. Right after her performance, Beyoncé announced that she will be giving $25,000 to four HBCUs for the 2018-2019 school year: Xavier University of Louisiana, Wilberforce University, Tuskegee University, and Bethune-Cookman University, reports Huffington Post. This is Beyoncé's second academic award, following the Formation Scholars Awards Program.

    What else is there to say? Beyoncé is always pushing boundaries, giving back, and reminding those who try to forget that she is black. Hopefully, with the success of this performance, the festival will have more black women headliners. We are still shaken from Beyoncé’s stomping a hole in the Coachella stage, and we don't want to wait for what next weekend will bring.

    Top photo via Instagram/Beyoncé

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  • Nitty Scott Press 5b0c6

    Festival season has begun, and we just can't resist this one. Join The Mayday Collective for their third annual Mayday Festival of Resistance, an incredible celebration of the intersectional feminist movements led by women of color, black women, trans women, and femmes for their ongoing part in the fight against the patriarchy and social injustice. This Saturday, April 28th at Maria Hernandez Park in Brooklyn, you'll enjoy a free concert featuring a full lineup of talented Native, Latinx, and Afro-Latinx activist-musicians. Performers Nitty Scott MC with M.A.K.U* Sound System, Bushwick Jarocho Collective, NECIA, and DJ Sabine Blaizin (Oyasound) will be playing at the top of every hour from 2pm-7pm. These artist-activists promote the Mayday Collective's mission to inspire advocacy and fight injustices that are prevalent in America today through their music, challenging xenophobia, sexism and racism, while paying special attention to women's rights. 

    festival of resistance 7bc53

    The Mayday Collective makes up the all the parts that keep Mayday Space going. As dedicated activists, the collective is made up of a diverse group of people with a passion to create a better world and better NYC. They use public presentations,  community-building activities and even free concerts to educate and inspire others in a fun, accessible way .

    The family-friendly FREE event will have plenty of food to chow down on between face painting, photo booth sessions, and dancing. You'll be able to meet other activist groups such as The New Sanctuary Coalition, Brooklyn Community Bail Fund, and #SwipeItForward Campaign and hear updates on their progress and plans for the future. The Mayday Festival of Resistance is an excellent opportunity to learn more about how you can contribute to your community and meet other inspiring activists. 

    22788646 738233703013534 4352314225816506102 n ef7b1

    If you're still fired up and inspired when 7pm rolls around (how could you not be), there will be an afterparty at Starr Bar, Mayday Space's sister location. Keep the party going and resist! 

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  • ladies of rumfest 768b2

    Reggae Sumfest, also known as the largest and best reggae festival in the world, is back July 15-21 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The festival originated in 1993 and has seen some of the biggest stars in music over the years including Usher, Rihanna, Kanye West, and Alicia Keys. We are so excited to head out to Montego Bay and want to give you the inside scoop on some of the amazing female artists you can find on the main festival nights, July 20 and 21.

    35234895 1757232204312946 4347606234791149568 n 62401Tosh Alexander, photo provided by Facebook

     Kim Nain, a powerful vocalist with melodious lyrics and flow, will be performing Friday (July 20). The Jamaican singer is heavily influenced by her Caribbean background, trap R&B, and EDM. Her natural ability to switch seamlessly between genres makes her one to catch at this year’s festival.

    avatars 000253574850 6o3z3e t500x500 9e6f1

     Jamaican singer Tosh Alexander expresses the spirit and beauty of her culture through her music. She combines R&B with dancehall and funky island pop. Her diversity and pitch-perfect vocals create a unique sound guaranteed to appease. The Jamaican queen will be performing Friday, July 20.

    28279733 1654402724595895 1835721668067310956 n 3dc12

    Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett has been the host of the Sumfest Beach Party the past two years and is making her transition to the main stage. The curvy infectious media personality and MC has been in the entertainment scene since 2006 and has recently embarked on her musical career. You can catch Yanique on the main stage Friday as well as Sumfest Beach Party!

    22365501 1625400727526949 8714408142242927176 n b6724

    Dancehall artist Press Kayis coming into her own and breaking out beyond the Jamaican culture into international markets. The singer's melodic voice alongside catchy beats captivate her audiences and will captivate you as well Friday at Sumfest.

    34439629 1986928608047137 2902424278844571648 n 77d9a

    Naomi Cowan, first known as Miss Teen Jamaica and an infectious TV personality, released her debut single “Naked” in 2014. She has continued to grow on her musical journey the past 4 years. Beyond being a commanding and infatuating vocalist, Naomi bases her career off of her personal mantra "Live to Give." The singer uses her platform to help underprivileged and creative communities. Check her out Saturday, July 21!

    22196507 1726318244107103 6495813939310891775 n f734e

     Known as a musical warrior, Empress Ayeola combines her personal style with revolutionary lyrics to create a powerful experience. Ayeola writes her songs with the intent to talk about uncomfortable issues while telling it like it is. She delivers a message through her music about truth, social rights and justice, and the development of the next generation. Ayeola will be performing Saturday, July 21!

    EA7 80c0c

    So who will we be seeing at this year's Reggae Sumfest 2018? Follow @bust_magazine and @made_in_colombiaaaon Instagram to keep up on all the adventures. Check out the full lineup here.

    All photos provided by artists' social media.

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  • 33162817123 b15544855f z 3f865

    We are so excited to be attending the seventh annual Treefort Music Fest in Boise, Idaho! The festival, which can be compared to SXSW, spreads across the entire city of Boise, featuring over 450 bands in the best venues across the city. Throughout the five days, there is a number of things to do beyond seeing music including yoga, comedy, skateboarding, food, a beer fest, kids' activities and more. With so much to do, it can be easy to get overwhelmed when deciding where to head, so we talked with Treefort Organizer Megan Stoll to get a taste of what is to come and some of her top picks for each day of the festival,

    33156323444 af3d1790e5 z e8ed5Peter Lovera Photography

     How has the city of Boise responded to the festival? I can imagine it must be so awesome for the town's economy and community.

    The Boise community is a large part of why Treefort is so special. Boisians have embraced Treefort from the beginning. In fact, The City of Boise named Treefort Music Fest the city’s cultural ambassadors from 2015-2017, in which a grant accompanied the title, and we continue to work with them as Treefort and the City grows. We also continue to develop our relationship in many facets of our community, hence the various forts that have become part of the festival over the years — none of that would’ve been possible without key members of our community coming to us with ideas for involvement. Since Treefort started in 2012 our downtown landscape has changed dramatically — there are now more hotels downtown, more breweries, more late night eating establishments, etc. and while I don’t necessarily credit Treefort to that specifically, I certainly feel we had a splash in the overall growth. So, yes, there is an obvious economic impact that measures hotel accommodations, transportation costs, food and beverage consumption, retail activity etc, but what’s harder to define or put a price on is the economic value of our bottom-up, grassroots approach which carries *way* more intangible community value and translates to Boise's momentum as a "best place to live / move to / set up shop."

    33171698073 51402957c8 k 3dd22Matthew Wordwell Photography Angel Olsen at Treefort 2017

     With so many amazing things going on at this festival ,what would say are some of the not to miss events? I myself am getting overwhelmed when trying to decide what to do!

    I’m really excited about experiencing the magnitude and fierceness of so many badass women who are taking the spotlight at Treefort this year! If I could clone myself, I would, 10 times over, so I don’t miss a beat. Until that technology catches up with me, I’d recommend these few items….please note this is not a full list!

    WED 3/219:50pm Neurolux — Zee Will: My friends and I saw him perform last year and became total groupies. We like his happy style, and I hear he’ll have a full band this year!

    WED 3/21
    11pm Neurolux — Big Dipper: Find me Vibin’ on the dance floor into the wee hours, as he’s doing a DJ set later that night (same spot, which has super stiff and cheap drinks).

    33841262852 5bbddcfebe z a7261

    THU 3/22 12pm Owyhee: Storyfort programming piece Girl Boner: Sexual Empowerment with August McLaughlin

    THU 3/22 12:30am Neurolux — Kelly Lee Owens: this lady seems pretty fucking dope (Read about her work with sound headling here.)

    FRI 3/23 4:45 Main Stage — Lido Pimienta: This woman is incredible performer and artist. I saw her perform in Canada at Halifax Pop Explosion and she requested all the women of color and trans women in the audience to come to the front, then the white women, then the men in the back. I love her.

    FRI 3/23 12:30am Adelmann — Matthew Dear: I’m super fucking excited about this DJ set.

    33958287696 8ddb4eeb87 z a0549Peter Lovera Photography

    SAT 3/24 3:10pm Rhodes Skatepark — Abhi The Nomad playing live while kids and adults (both amateurs and professionals) skate at our awesome skate park. Actually, the entire Skatefort lineup is pretty tight (and totally free!)

    SAT 3/24 4:45pmThe FlicksClara’s Ghost: A full-length feature from Bridey Elliot (Chris Elliot’s daughter). I saw this at Sundance with my mom and would totally watch it again.

    SAT 3/24 10:45pm at Knitting Factory — Rapsody: I’m also from NC and have been digging her style .

    SAT 3/24
    11:45-12:00am Shrine — Pussy Riot cause, duh.

    33983353185 f5e6109c5c k 1 6f6a3Matthew Wordwell Photography Lizzo at Treefort 2017

    SUN 3/25 10am — Bittercreek: Catch Karl Blau doing a brunch set at this second chance venue, and I have a feeling it will be pretty special.

    SUN 3/253pm Owyhee — IHC 1NFINITY's music video collection. This should definitely be trippy.

    SUN 3/257:30pm Main Stage — Jamila Woods: I saw her at Pitchfork Music Festival last year and have been listening ever since.

    SUN 3/259pm Main Stage — Princess Nokia: I cannot wait to be in the crowd with all my ladies. I hope she stage dives/crowd surfs, too!

    SUN 3/2512:30am Neurolux — Rituals of Mine DJ set to close out the festival!

    For a full list of things to do at this year's Treefort 2018, check out the lineup here. And to make things even easier for you, we created this playlist featuring some of our favorite artists in this year's lineup.

    images courtesy Treefort Festival

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