Lucy Dacus

  • Lucy 2 Ebru Yildiz scaled 134a0For her thirdfull-length release, indie songwriter extraordinaire Lucy Dacus finds herself revisiting her formative coming-of-age years through candid and vulnerable autobiographical accounts. Her narratives reveal early experiences with relationships, sexuality, and beyond, with relatable rawness. 

    Songs like “First Time” are saturated with layered vocals, fuzzy guitars, and poppy percussion, while others take a less-is-more approach, like the highly anticipated ballad “Thumbs”—the fan favorite from live performances minimizes the instrumentation to instead spotlight the chillingly intense (yet perfectly poised) lyrics about the heavy feelings and fantasies sparked from an encounter with a friend’s problematic father. “I would kill him, if you let me/I would kill him, quick and easy.” Give yourself a moment to catch your breath after that one. With melodies ranging from full and upbeat to sparse and subdued, Dacus navigates the listener through every growing pain and learning experience with unmatched eloquence and earnestness. –Cindy Yogmas


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    Boygenius is the new project of indie mavens Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus, catalyzed by an upcoming tour and a mutual affinity for one another, both personally and musically. The six-song seven-inch is collaborative, but balanced by each artist’s own devastating songwriting abilities. Dacus’ album opener, “Bite the Hand,” sets the tone with pared-down instrumentation that builds into beautiful harmonies—each voice distinct yet complementary to the whole. Bridgers’ “Me & My Dog” is a wistful snapshot looking back at an unraveled relationship; and then there are the gut-wrenching lyrics on Baker’s “Souvenir,” asking: “When you cut a hole into my skull/Do you hate what you see/Like I do?” Go ahead and feel those feelings. (4/5)

    By Emily Nokes
    Boygenius was released October 26
    This article originally appeared in the October/November 2018 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!

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