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    Women are totally owning the spotlight. Since the first Women’s March in 2017, people have been speaking up more and more about the injustices and inequality women face on a daily basis. With the help of social media, pussy hats, and numerous bills being introduced to protect women's rights and close the gender wage gap, people are actually listening. It's the perfect time to own your power and make some serious moves to show the world how badass you are. 

    At the BUST School for Creative Living, we hand selected four empowering classes taught by incredible teachers from the Engaging Educator, an organization that uses improv to teach people how to be more confident and take initiative, and founder of The Finishing School, Alison Taffel Rabinowitz, who developed an educational consulting company that focuses on what we need to survive and thrive in the modern workforce by disrupting decades of behavior that have held women back.

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    The Improv + Communication Skills for Women class will combine improv and public speaking skills to develop and improve communication in professional settings so you can rock any conference room, be the most memorable job candidate, and be confident in your leadership abilities. 

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    UnHumble: How to Stop Playing Small and Be a Badasswill teach its students how to develop your confidence so you can take bigger risks, stop #HumbleBraging and proudly share your accomplishments, and support the women around you in their goals and achievements. By exploring ideas of affirmation and elevation through improv, both for ourselves and those around us, you'll be able to play it big and badass.

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    Landed that dream job but not that dream paycheck? Come by our How To Negotiate Like A Badass Babe taught by Alison Taffel Rabinowitz and learn how to make more money finally be paid what you deserve. With the help of Alison's class, you could earn $5,000 to $25,000 or more and be the Beyoncé of your career.

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    We've all said "sorry" at times when we really shouldn't have. "Sorry" as a way to get the gross manspreading dude to stop taking up three seats, "sorry" as a way to begin your turn to speak in a conversation, "sorry" when you're asking a question.  We've all done it, but enough is enough. #SorryNotSorry: How over-apologizing can make you really sorry in your career teaches you how to stop over-apologizing and start being confident in your ideas and the space you take up, as well as recognize times when you may instinctively apologize so you can correct that behavior. 

    Get your tickets for any (or all) of these BUST School for Creative Living classes and own your power, take up space, and crush it in your career.


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    In 2018, I was in a funk. After a life-changing experience living abroad, I begrudgingly moved back to the States and the disappointment was palpable. Then it occurred to me: by focusing on what I thought I’d lost, I couldn’t appreciate all that I had. I decided to start a gratitude practice, and it’s been transformative. These days, I’m notably happier. I laugh more, complain less, and go with the flow of life instead of swimming against the tide. The good news? You can do it, too! Gratitude exists in abundance. Here’s how to get started:

    Don’t Overthink It

    Gratitude doesn’t have to be deep, grandiose, or time consuming. You also don’t need a fancy journal to make it legit. Grab a notebook, use your phone’s notes app, or even record a voice memo if writing isn’t your jam, and document up to three things you feel grateful for each day. Nothing is too small! I’ve written about good cups of coffee, full nights of rest, and exceptionally delightful pieces of pie. Commit to the practice for one week, and evaluate how it impacts your mood.

    Get Specific

    Energetically, there’s a huge difference between “I am grateful for my partner” and “I am grateful for my partner because they hold space for me when I need them to listen.” Getting specific about why you are grateful helps bridge the gap between expressing it and really feeling it. 

    Feel Into It 

    Feeling gratitude is magical. It roots us in the present and makes it easier to identify our blessings. Here’s an exercise to help you tap into it: close your eyes and envision something you are truly thankful for (let your intuition guide you, there’s no wrong answer). Now hone in on the reasons why—e.g. you may be grateful for a bonus check because it provides financial security, allows you to start saving for that big vacation, and enables you to take care of yourself with greater ease. When finished, take three rounds of breath. Smile, give thanks, and allow your eyes to gently flutter open.

    By Aja Vines, @ajavines
    Illustrated by Kah Yangni

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