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    Here's why you need to be in Harlem, NYC, this week: to give back to the community and receive a free BUST magazine issue, obviously!

    The “Women’s Drive: NYC Tour, an initiative dedicated to providing basic hygiene products to women in need throughout New York City, kicked off this past Sunday and we are more than excited!

    The drive was created by Essence Beaute (@EssenceBeaute), a start-up digital content brand that aims to support, empower, and provide equal media representation for all women. EB was founded by our very own events intern, Nakia Kerlan (@NakiaKerlan) and her best friend, editorial makeup artist, Keyanna Banks (@Kbank.s).

    The first stop on the tour is Harlem, NYC! The brand has partner up with Luxury Hair Lounge (@LuxuryHairLoungeNYC), located at 111 E 125th St, New York, NY, 10035, to host the drive. All products will be donated to Greenhope Housing and Win NYC, women’s shelter facilities in East Harlem.

    Acceptable donations include (but are not limited to):

  • toothbrushes
  • deodorant
  • toothpaste/mouthwash
  • razors (for shaving)
  • feminine wipes
  • body lotion
  • pads/tampons
  • soap
  • shampoo/conditioner
  • combs/brushes
  • Baby wipes/ diapers
  • socks

    TamponDrive a6866



    You still have a chance to donate between Tuesday, April 24th and Saturday, April 28th, during salon hours. Don't forget to pick up your free BUST Magazine issue while you're at it!

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    I didn't quite know what to expect as I prepared to head off to Treefort Music Festivalin Boise, Idaho, but what I found exceeded all of MY expectations. The five-day festival full of music, food, yoga, skating and so much more was like an adult playground for all of the senses. The strong sense of community throughout the city of Boise was inspiring, uplifting, and infectious. With so much to do, it was easy to be overwhelmed, but the days just seemed to flow with one amazing activity after another. I discovered some of my new favorite new artists, met people I will have lasting friendships with, and left a piece of my heart with the Treefort Fam.

    Lido.jpg d35bdLido Pimienta, Matthew Wordell Photography

    The festival laid out across the entire city of Boise, and it seemed as though everyone in the community was involved. With one show being within walking distance of another, the accessibility of the festival made it all the more sweet. With over 450 bands playing throughout the five days, there was truly something for everyone to enjoy. My ears led the way during the festival: I would walk the grounds, hear something I liked, and make my way over to find one of my new obsession. Treefort is the kind of festival where you just have to go with the flow and see where it takes you. One of the best parts of this festival was how eclectic it was. Whether you were into funk music, world music, punk, electronica, or new wave, Treefort delivered across all boards. I stumbled upon some so many amazing musicians I would otherwise have never known about, such as Lido Pimienta (Canada),Lala Lala (Chicago),Pregnant  and The Muckers (Brooklyn) . They left me wanting more and opened my eyes to a new realm of music.


    unnamed.jpg 2 693bdMatthew Wordell Photography


    29666508 10160226640805054 752893059 n.jpg 75d3cMatthew Wordell Photography

    I spent my mornings in Boise at Yogafort practicing meditation, mindfulness, and yoga in a way I never have before. The sessions were accompanied by talented musicians who soothed the soul as we went from one position to the next. The yoga classes also required us to get friendly and close with one another, opening our hearts up to strangers who became friends. On Saturday, I made my way to Skatefort, where it was awesome to see the skating community come together. Skaters of all genders were sharing the space, creating an exciting and chill environment.

    unnamed.jpg 3 f6972Haley Heynderickx Photo courtesy of Terrobird Media

    For myself, there were two personal highlights of the trip. The first was learning about my new obsession, Haley Heynderickx: her powerful lyrics, accompanied by her angelic voice, and smooth guitar licks left me in shock. As I watched her perform with tears in my eyes, I was surprised I was able to let myself go to such a vulnerable place in front of so many people. Heynderickx captivated the audience, and it felt as if the entire room had let their guard down, even if only for few moments.

    unnamed.jpg 4 4941e

    The second was the worldly sounds of Qais Essar. I was so pleased to see Treefort include such sounds and textures within the festival. Essar played the rabab, accompanied by tabla, oud, and other instruments, taking the breath away from everyone in the audience. His ability to take you to a place way beyond the city of Boise sent chills throughout my body. It was extremely impressive the lengths that Treefort Festival went to make this an all-inclusive event that could expand the minds of anyone who ventured there.

    unnamed.jpg bc4d4

     My conclusions from this festival are simple: Boise, Idaho rocks, and Treefort is everything. I certainly hope to return to this magical place for years to come. The community of Boise, Idaho is a model example of the way more communities should be, coming together to create an experience that benefits everyone involved.

    First photo Pussy Riot courtesy of GRLMIC

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