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    Ben Shapiro, conservative commentator and the king of bad takes, recently reacted to the new Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion song, "WAP," on his show for the conservative outlet, The Daily Wire. And it’s a doozy to watch. Not only does Shapiro prove that he has no rhythm, but he also completely misses the point of the video. But despite how bad his take is, the video is kind of entertaining because of how bad it is. Throughout the video, Shapiro laments about the vulgarity of the song and says p-word instead of pussy.

    People on Twitter were not slow to clown on Shapiro and his video.

    The video has sparked a couple of comedic mashups of the song with his video and I gotta say, even though I hate Ben Shapiro with every fiber of my being, the remixes are entertaining.

    Towards the end of his video, after he reads through the lyrics, Shapiro went on to make yet another bad take to add to his collection. “This is what feminists fought for. This is what the feminist movement was all about, and if you say anything differently it’s ’cause you’re a misogynist, see?” What this disgusting little man refuses to realize is that feminism is a multifaceted movement and that women talking about their pussy because they want to is not degrading.

    There is something special about having our bodies being talked about by men and viewed through the lens of men for so long and then flipping that script on its head. That’s what this video is about and that’s what feminism is about. No one is saying that all women have to talk about their pussies or sex, but feminism is allowing women who have been historically not allowed to talk about these things to talk about them.

    Of course, with anything women do, Shapiro wasn’t the only man to open his mouth to give his opinion when he wasn’t asked. A Republican running for a congressional seat in California said that the two singers were raised “without God and without a strong father figure.” Errol Webber, another politician said that the song was “one big advertisement for promiscuity.”


    These comments were met with backlash, considering men have expressed their sexuality in music for so long and there’s nothing wrong with female sexuality.

    Cardi B even joined in on the fun of clowning on Shapiro. She posted a tweet reacting to the remix with a bunch of laughing crying emojis and posted another tweet commenting on how made conservatives were about the song. It's safe to say, that in like most instances, Cardi remains unbothered.

    While you don’t have to like the music or the music video, the backlash these two rappers are getting from men is ridiculous, but obviously not unexpected. Women should be able to express their sexuality without being criticized for being exploitative, especially if they're expressing their sexuality on their own terms and in their own way.

    Header image: Screenshot from the WAP Music Video

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    Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, better known as Cardi B, has partnered with Los Angeles-based affordable fashion brand Fashion Nova to give away $1 million to those “directly affected” by COVID-19.

    In an Instagram video posted to the 27-year old rapper’s Instagram page on Wednesday, April 8, Cardi B shared that she’s received “a lot” of DMs from people struggling during this time of crisis, so she decided to partner with Fashion Nova to give money to those who need it most. 

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    “We are going to give out $1,000 an hour for the next 42 days,” the rap star pledged.

    By the end of the 42 days, May 20, Fashion Nova and Cardi B will have donated $1 million to those in need.

    "Many of you are struggling to pay bills, feed your families, and take care of your overall essential needs. #FashionNovaCARES & I are giving away $1,000 EVERY HOUR until we’ve given away $1 MILLION DOLLARS to those directly affected by this crisis," she wrote in the video's caption. "Tell us how the $1,000 can help you during these times. We’ll be reading your submissions and selecting stories everyday so enter now by visiting Also PLEASE make sure that your Instagram is public, because I will also personally be looking thru these submitted pages."

    All people have to do to apply for aid is fill out the online form on Fashion Nova’s site with their email address, phone number, Instagram handle, and a personal story.

    “We love you guys and we are so grateful that you have been supporting us for so long,” Cardi B said in the video. “It’s time for us to support you guys back.”

    With 24 people a day receiving $1,000 checks, the initiative has already sent relief funds to 26 people. The number is only growing by the hour.

    “Don't be shy. Sometimes you gotta motherfucking ask for help," the Grammy Award-winning rapper said before belting out, “Lean on me when you’re not strong,” a line from the popular Bill Withers song "Lean on Me."

    For more information and the form, check out the Fashion Nova Cares Initiative website.

    Top photo via YouTube / Cardi B

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    The government shutdown has been going on for 26 days and counting—the longest stretch in U.S. history, CNN reports. Cardi B, who has spoken up about political issues and current events before, took to Instagram to express her thoughts.

    “Our country is in a hellhole right now, all for a fucking wall,” the “I Like It” rapper said. “We really need to take this seriously. I feel like we need to take some action.”



    The video was posted last night, and has amassed 10,000,000 views and counting. Among these viewers were Democratic Senators Brian Schatz and Chris Murphy, who hilariously tweeted back and forth with Senator Chuck Schumer, trying to decide whether or not to retweet the clip.

    “Guys, I’m still holding my breath. Are you gonna RT Cardi B or not?” Schumer tweeted.

    In all seriousness, though, Cardi raised some important points. She mentioned that yes, there was a shutdown under Obama, but that was about healthcare, which is significantly more important than a wall. (“So your grandma could check her blood pressure, and you bitches can go check your pussy at the gynecologist!”) She also drew attention to the fact that Trump has ordered federal employees to return to work without pay.

    “Bitch, I’m scared,” she said. “This is crazy.”

    Top photo from "I Like It" via YouTube / Cardi B

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    In a string of Tweets, Bronx rapper, Cardi B, has hinted at her desire to become a member of Congress. “I think I want to be a politician. I really love government even tho I don’t agree with Goverment [sic],” she wrote. Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar brought up implementing stricter gun laws, having constructive debates across party affiliations and the prospect of her returning to education to “focus up” and eventually “shake the table” in politics.

    And this isn’t the first time Cardi B has spoken out about politics and injustice in America. She pulled out of the Super Bowl to supportColin Kappernick who famously kneeled during the national anthem to raise awareness of racial inequality and police brutality towards black people in the country. She also endorsed Bernie Sanders in his 2016 campaign, and in August of last year sat down with him (in typical Cardi B fashion, in a nail salon because “you know I love nails. You know what I’m saying?”) to talk about policies and change. And we cannot forget about the viral rant during the '18-'19 Government Shutdown:

    The video titled “Cardi B's nails are juuuust a little different than mine. Our views on the issues are pretty similar” was posted shortly after she asked followers on social media what questions they’d ask a democratic candidate. And Cardi B didn’t hold back. She bluntly asked what Sanders proposes to do about police brutality, low-income, healthcare, DREAMers, DACA, and taxes. Throughout the discussion, it’s abruptly clear that Cardi B is passionate and knows what she’s talking about; there are certain moments when Sanders is visibly impressed and vehemently agrees with the statements she’s making.


    Cardi B has equally been as involved online with her followers about her distaste for Trump. In a Tweet about the Iran conflict she said, “Naaaaa these memes are fuckin but shit ain’t no joke ! Specially[sic] being from New York. Its[sic] sad this man is putting Americans[sic] lives in danger. Dumbest move Trump did till date... I’m filing for my Nigerian citizenship.” Other people she’s called out before have been Tomi Lahren (or Tammy, or Toyota or Tabitha).

    No matter how much Cardi B has proved her knowledge and concerns around politics, her tweets and involvement have irritated people, because after all what does a ex-stripper, Afro-Latina from the Bronx who has worked several minimum wage jobs to get by know about life and inequality? One of her former high-school teachers, Joan Hill, however, came to her defense in a now viral Facebook post detailing her much higher than average academic record while at school. She wrote, “a) she probably scored higher than you on the US History regents exam and was in my AP got class b) you're not nearly as busy as her, and what have done to advance political discourse in this country? c) She has a national platform and is using it to speak about things that are important... why can't we respect that?” Finishing with a lesson many people should take note of before criticising a woman exercising her fame to spread a positive message “STFU and take a seat.”

    Here's to Cardi B Almánzar on the ticket in 2024! 


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    Image by Chris Allmeid via Wikimedia  

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  • 4b6a6df1 895e 4b3b a42d 97e39b97a2c4 c6224

    As we move from May to June and spring to summer, there’s tons of new entertainment to keep us busy when we need to just hang in the A.C. From new Handmaid’s Tale to new books, here’s what’s on our radar this week.



    In this psychological thriller, Octavia Spencer plays Sue Ann—A.K.A. Ma—a lonely murderer who takes a group of teenagers under her wing, and then becomes obsessed with them. In theaters May 31.

    The Handmaid’s Tale 

    As we continue to uncomfortably joke that America is looking more and more like Gilead, Hulu’s breakout dystopian masterpiece returns for a third season. New episodes will begin streaming June 5.

    Always Be My Maybe 

    Starring Ali Wong and directed by Nahnatchka Khan of Don’t Trust the B---- In Apartment 23,this rom-com about childhood friends reconnecting as adults is sure to charm. Streaming May 31 on Netflix.


    Bayti Fi Rasi by A-Wa

    After catching global attention with 2015’s “Habib Galbi,” this trio of sisters is claiming their place in the spotlight with Bayti Fi Rasi. Out May 31, and catch our review soon on

    Boat by Pip Blom 

    According to our reviewer, post-punk band Pip Blom’s latest album is “green, gritty, and bound to persevere.” Out May 31, and stay tuned for our review on

    Run Around The Sun by Sacred Paws

    U.K. band Sacred Paws’ second album, Run Around The Sun, is a mix of pop, funk, and ’90s twee. Out May 31, and catch our forthcoming review on

    "Press" by Cardi B

    cardipress 18067

    Cardi B announced via Instagram that her next single "Press" — presumably off her next album — will be released on May 31, and we couldn't be more excited to see what moves she's making next.


    City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

    84998 7c6d6

    Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest novel follows a young woman coming of age in 1940s Manhattan against a glittery theater backdrop. Out June 4, and review to come on 

    My Seditious Heart by Arundhati Roy 

    Unknown e115d

    Roy’s essay collection, compiled over the course of two decades, tackles themes of justice, freedom, and compassion. Out June 4.

    In The Deep End by Kate Davies 

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    Davies’ debut novel, about a young woman’s sexual awakening—and its ups and downs—in London’s gay bars and BDSM clubs is equally parts funny and insightful. Out June 4.

    Top photo via Blumhouse Productions / Ma

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