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    This past weekend we were fortunate enough to experience two Carter sightings. First, Beyonce and Jay-Z attended the 30th annual GLAAD Awards as the pair were the recipients of the Avant-Garde award. Before they received their award, Shangela delivered a stellar lip-sync performance of Beyonce. Upon accepting the awards, Jay-Z dedicated the award to his mother, whom was honored last year by the same organization for her coming-out story that was featured on his album 4:44 on the track “Smile.” Beyonce recognized her uncle, a gay black man who has since died from HIV, who helped raise her and Solange. She even ended her speech saying “Who you identify as, is your human right. Who you choose to go home with and bring that ass to Red Lobster, is your human right,” further solidifying her allyship to the queer community.

    Then, the coupled appeared again at the 50th NAACP Image Awards. Jay-Z was the recipient of the President’s Award, and Beyonce would ultimately win the “Entertainer Of the Year” award because she’s fucking Beyonce, that’s why.

    As expected, everyone in attendance finds a way to crowd The Carters. And honestly, who wouldn’t want a chance to just for a moment occupy the same space as Beyonce and have their existence acknowledge by Queen Bey? If you can’t tell by now, I’m a member of The Hive™ Class of ‘13. Footage of celebs finding their way over to Beyonce and Jay-Z had surfaced. Amongst the many, was STARZ’s Power, Omari Hardwick. He shakes Jay-Z’s hand, takes a photo and then finds his way to Beyonce. Hardwick immediately goes in for a kiss on the cheek, a hearty hug, and then another kiss on the cheek. What would normally be typical Hollywood schmoozing has many of Beyonce’s fans bothered. That second kiss is very close to the corner of her mouth. The two break away from the embrace, Hardwick leaves, and according to The Hive, Beyonce looks visibly bothered.

    The double peck on the cheek has sparked up a lot of discussion about women and boundaries. Granted, none of us can speak to Beyoncé’s feelings nor can we be sure of the familiarity between she and Omari, and, sure, The Hive can have a bit of an unhealthy obsessive interest in Beyonce, but there is something to be said about women and personal space. Hugs are extremely personal and intimate. Don’t believe me? Consider how many times you’ve seen men embrace in hugs with one another--what were the circumstances? How familiar with one another were they? There is always unspoken, strict boundaries amongst men. Those same rules don’t apply to women. Many argue that Hardwick’s actions were nothing more than chivalry or politeness. But seriously, who goes in for TWO kisses? Not even the French.

    The overall frustration for a lot of women is just how our bodies and personal space are causually and regularly ambushed by outsiders. Watching that interaction between Omari and Beyonce is just triggering because many of us have been there. And most importantly, if Beyonce can't have boundaries, then there is definitely no hope for the rest of us.



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    A week after the election results were called, we are still celebrating Kamala Harris’ victory as the first woman in American history to hold office as Vice President. And we’re definitely not alone in our excitement!

    Here’s how some of our favorite celebs have been honoring this great win:

    Chrissy Teigen

    Chrissy Teigen and John Legend jamming out to YG's hit single, "FDT."

    Tiffany Haddish

    Tiffany Haddish dancing in front of her window is an entire mood. 

    Jennifer Lopez

    J. Lo says, "echoing the words of everyone that we are headed towards a better day, a more united country."


    Queen B's post of young Kamala. 


    In an emotional post, Lizzo reminds her fans that "this is not the end, this is literally the beginning." 

    Megan Thee Stallion

    Megan Thee Stallion honored the "first Black female Vice President ever in history"  on Twitter.

    Lady Gaga

    Gaga thanks all of the voters, paying special tribute to Stacey Abrams for all of her work in Georgia, saying, "you're such an inspiration to so many people."


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    It’s Beyoncé week! If you’ve already seen the Netflix doc and listened to the album start to finish, don’t worry: we have a lot of other recs for you this week, too, from a new Tessa Thompson film to even more music by Lizzo. Enjoy!



    Out now on Netflix, Homecoming offers a full and behind-the-scenes look into Beyoncé’s Beychella performance at last year’s Coachella. Stay tuned for more coverage on

    Little Woods

    Tessa Thompson and Lily James play sisters grappling with financial struggles in Nia DaCosta’s first feature film. Out April 19, and find our review soon on


    In Family, Taylor Schilling plays a me-first career woman whose life is shaken up when she’s put in charge of her preteen niece. Out April 19, and read our review soon on

    Gentleman Jack


    Based on a fascinating true story, HBO’s newest drama follows Anne Lister, a woman trying to revive her home of Shibdhen Hall and find a wife in 1830s England. Out April 22.

    Red Joan


    Judi Dench stars in Red Joan as a widow reliving her past while facing an interrogation for providing the Soviet government with classified scientific information. Out April 19, and watch out for our review on


    Homecoming: The Live Album by Beyoncé


    Yes, we mentioned the film earlier, but also worth noting is the full live album, now out on streaming services. (Also, this time next week we’ll have Lemonade on Spotify—excellent news all around.)

    Big Wows by Stealing Sheep


    Stealing Sheep explore life in the digital age with Big Wows, out April 19. Our review coming soon on

    Cuz I Love You by Lizzo


    At long last, Lizzo’s album is here! Cuz I Love You is out April 19.


    Nanaville: Adventures in Grandparenting by Anna Quindlen

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    Writer Anna Quindlen made a name for herself talking about motherhood and family, and in her latest book, she explores the ups and downs of being a grandmother. Out April 23.

    Top photo via YouTube / Beyoncé

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