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    Chloë Sevigny has been a style icon since, oh, 1992, when she was just a wee baby intern at Sassy magazine rocking an overalls dress and a patchwork hat. Since then, she’s starred in a bajillion indie movies and TV shows (Kids, Boys Don’t Cry, Big Love, American Horror Story), modeled for Vogue, designed collections for Opening Ceremony, and made everything from suspenders to slinky red-carpet gowns look completely cool and effortless. Now she’s starring opposite Patricia Arquette in The Act—a Hulu drama (premiering March 20) based on the bonkers true-crime story of mother-daughter duo Gypsy Rose and Dee Dee Blanchard. Sevigny’s flawless fashion sense might be unattainable, but I can take pride in the fact that we use the same mascara since she gave us a peek at all her go-to beauty prods.

    soap 093bdDr. Bronner’s Soap
    Dr. Bronner’s Soap

    “Rose is my favorite scent and I’ve been using Dr. Bronner’s since high school. It’s comforting, affordable, and lasts a good while.”  Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Bar Soap in Rose, $4.69

    lipstick bc718La Bouche Rouge Refillable Lipstick
    La Bouche Rouge Refillable Lipstick

    “This is my signature red that I collaborated on with La Bouche Rouge. They are determined to provide a chic alternative to disposable plastics; I wish all brands would.” La Bouche Rouge Lipstick in Le Rouge Chloë, $160 (includes refillable leather case)

    mascara e700fMaybelline Great Lash Mascara

    Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

    “The one and only long-lasting mascara for no clumps, and you can’t beat the classic packaging.” Maybelline Great Lash Washable Curved Brush Mascara in Blackest Black, $6.49

    lotion 5a9d6Weleda Body Lotion

    Weleda Body Lotion

    “I love the texture of this lotion, perfect for long cold winters in N.Y.C.” Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Body Lotion, $16.50

    hair a9164Five Wits Hair Products
    Five Wits Hair Products

    “This light, yet nourishing formula is great for color-treated hair and smells delish. The cream doesn’t weigh your hair down yet adds the perfect smoothness.” Five Wits Daily Shampoo, $26; Daily Conditioner, $28; Hair Cream, $32

    glossier 66ef6Glossier Cloud Paint
    Glossier Cloud Paint

    “Lightweight and easy to apply, Cloud Paint can brighten any face.” Glossier Cloud Paint in Haze, $18



    By Lisa Butterworth
    This article Originally appeared in the March/April 2019 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!


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    Kiki, also known as @kikimancy on Twitter and Instagram, is known for her blend of cosmetology and cosmology, and her knowledge shines through in her latest e-book, The Ancient Art of Onychomancy In the Modern World. Grounded in palmistry (divination through reading palms), Kiki takes on onychomancy, also known as nail reading, in a whole new way through looking at the shape of nails and translating that to personality and possibilities. With The Ancient Art of Onychomancy In the Modern World, Kiki encompasses the art of palmistry with in depth nail reading, astrology, tarot, and energy systems. It leads to an intrinsic invitation to an analysis of self and mind-body-spirit synergy through your nails.

    Talk about shaping your future at the tip of your fingers!

    Kiki says her nail and manicure readings are innate because of how her upbringing influenced her work. “My mom's side is Japanese, my late grandmother was very spiritual and who was very into ritual and energy,” said Kiki as we spoke over Zoom. Her grandmother practiced Japanese Shinto, a traditional Japanese religion. Kiki spoke about her grandmother’s massages. “She taught us to always take care of them. If something hurts, you have to massage it. She would say if it hurt it was because there was a demon there and you had to massage it out.”

    Kiki's grandmother taught her at a very young age about energy. “It wasn't her career or anything, it was how she lived her life," she said. "So I was always interested in this stuff."

    When she turned 10 years old, Kiki found a book in the house she was living in at the time, a palmistry book. “Nobody in my family knew where it came from, and I started reading it and then started reading everyone's palms,” Kiki explained. “You know people say ‘you're not learning something, you're remembering it’? That’s what it felt like. It felt super innate.”

    That flourished Kiki’s love for palmistry and divination and, ultimately, her book. From then on, she began reading everyone's palms nonstop and studied palmistry for decades.

    Kiki describes it as more than it meets the eye. “I don't look, like, [at] someone's hands and think, of...okay, this shape, this color nail polish,” Kiki said. “When I'm talking to you, that we are communicating, they are speaking to me, through your hands, and that is what palmistry feels like to me at this point.”

    Twitter is where Kiki was able to interact with the community, doing research through the app about different nails, looking at other people's nails, and eventually putting out her book. “It kind of became my thing over Twitter. I was, like, the nail reading girl. Before that, I offered palm readings and astrology way later,” said Kiki. “I became aware how much content i was putting out there, and because people were so into it, I wanted it to put it out there in an organized way.”

    Talking about nails is nothing new for her. “As far as I know,” Kiki said, smiling. “I am the first person to write about manicures.” She shared how her favorite pieces of feedback was when she read the nails of a woman with acrylics. While sharing her findings on the TL, someone mentioned that acrylics were just “pieces of plastic and don't mean anything.”

    “My response,” began Kiki, “is this woman chooses those pieces of plastic and color and everything about it. Once it is on your body, it's part of your body."

    Kiki's career is in beauty. As a hairstylist and makeup artist, Kiki found it very natural to understanding how cosmetology and cosmology work together. “I see my external presentation as an expression of how I feel on the inside, and so I really appreciate palmistry giving me the opportunity to help women and people, really anyone else help appreciate that every millimeter of your body is significant," she said. “Maybe it is super shallow, but it's super deep, if you take time to look at it. It shows ourselves in a way that resonates with us.”

    To purchase Kiki’s book, you can tap in on her blog and follow her on Instagram and Twitter for more nail reading updates and more.

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