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    Jessica Lanyadoo is an Oakland-based astrologer, psychic medium, and animal communicator with over 20 years consulting experience. She’s currently on tour with her new book, Astrology for Real Relationships: Understanding You, Me, and How We All Get Along. Plus, her super popular astrology and advice show, Ghost of a Podcast, is THE place to get astrological advice through your headphones with thousands of listeners each week. Her advice is always kind, non-judgmental, open-minded, and insightful, and on this episode of BUST’s Poptarts podcast, she tells Emily and Callie what their cats are thinking and reminds us that doing the right thing is always a good look—even if the whole world is going up in flames.

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    About:  BUST's Poptarts is a twice-monthly podcast hosted by magazine editors Emily Rems and Callie Watts that celebrates women in pop culture. The first half of each episode is devoted to a hot topic in entertainment, and in the second half, a segment called "Whatcha Watchin'?," Callie and Emily dig into all the shows, movies, books, music, videos, and podcasts they've enjoyed since the last episode, and either praise or pan each experience

    This podcast was produced for BUST by Cait Moldenhauer and Jessy Caron at More Banana Productions and was recorded by Logan del Fuego.

    Photo: Jessica Lanyadoo

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    Astrology is all the rage lately, especially among millennials and Gen Z-ers—and with this in mind, Vice just launched a chic, smart app for anyone interested in what the stars have in store. 

    The app, called “Astro Guide,” was the brainchild of astrologers Annabel Gat, Ashley Otero, Lexi Ferguson, Priya Kale, Randon Rosenbohm, and Vice’s editor of astrology, Sara David. With “Astro Guide,” this team of astrologers sought to create a new brand of “self-care” astrology aimed to elevate people’s awareness of the cosmos, rather than propagate fear-mongering astrology (sun sign hate and apocalyptic forecasts). Rather than focusing on celestial negatives, “Astro Guide” will serve to keep us in the know with a positive edge. 

    An example of that is through compatibility and inclusivity. No sign will log out of the app scared they don’t match with their bestie—instead, users will be given ideas about how to make their relationships work, avoid arguments, and elevate the time spent together. Gat, tenured Vice astrologer and author of The Astrology of Love & Sex: A Modern Compatibility Guide,shared some insider information with BUST, alerting us that users not only can check out their daily ’scopes for their sun sign, but also for their rising signs and—get this—their friends’ horoscopes too! (Which is great info to get if you’re planning to ask your BFF for a favor or advice. And mostly, it’s a great conversation piece to share with each other while bored in class or in the office.) There’s also a cool compatibility wheel that will tell you how you might match up with a crush, friend, or collaborator. 

    One step up is “Astro Guide Pro,” which gives you an extended daily forecast, a weekly lunar self-care horoscope, and unlimited spins on the compatibility wheel, along with the DL about impending lovers based on their astrological sun signs. According to Gat, the best and most rewarding part of being involved with “Astro Guide” and her colleagues is the ability to “help people use their intuition, as well as give people the resource to implement self-care and wellness into their daily routine through astrology.” 

    Gat added, “I’m really grateful to be on a team of people who are passionate about creating content geared toward self-care—for example, our lunar weekly horoscopes. I'm so proud of what an awesome source of cosmic wellness it is."

    Download the app on the iTunes Store.

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    Australian author Minnie Darke (a.k.a Danielle Wood) is a Gemini with a Virgo rising, which could have something to do with her love of Scrabble, books, and freshly sharpened pencils. This month, her long career as a writer and author is set to collide with the zeitgeist with the release of her first romantic-comedy novel, Star-Crossed

    The novel opens with astrology skeptic Justine tampering with magazine horoscopes to influence her old friend Nick (Aquarius, struggling actor, and true believer). Of course, the predictions of the stars never turn out quite like you would expect. 

    Darke, who drew on own her experience as a young journalist to create a world where horoscopes really do change lives, picked up her interest in star signs from her grandmother. “She kept two very well-thumbed and dog-eared books on a shelf near her favorite chair,” she says. “One was her crossword puzzle dictionary, and the other was a copy of Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs.”  

    In this BUST interview, Darke gets real about why we’re all searching for answers in the stars.

    How did the idea for Star-Crossed come about?

    Because there were few staff at the newspaper where I worked, it was handy for everyone to be able to make changes to the paper right up until deadline. So I had a log-in that gave me access to the entire publication. 

    I was working late one night when I had the idea that I could, if I wanted to, fiddle about with the astrology column. I thought I could make the entries spookily relevant to my friends’ lives, or perhaps take a hand, invisibly, in their decisions. I’m not saying I definitely ever did any of that, but it was a seductive idea. It was quite a while, decades in fact, before I actually sat down and wrote Star-Crossed

    Your protagonist, Justine, is a Sagittarius, right?

    Some of the stereotypical attributes of Sagittarius are that they are bold and impulsive, wear their hearts on their sleeve, love traveling, love ideas and philosophies, and tend to be unlikely to believe in astrology! So I wonder if Justine actually conforms more to her rising sign of Virgo… That might account for her pernickety behavior about spelling mistakes!

    Do you have a theory about why people, young people especially, are suddenly so obsessed with astrology?

    I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m thinking that there’s something about astrology that lends itself particularly well to the digital environment, because it’s an easy way to categorize people’s tastes and personality traits. To be grim for just a moment, it’s possible that astrology provides us with a momentary and fairly harmless distraction from a lot of the dire and terrible things that are going on in the world right now.

    We humans are reliably interested in questions of fate. Are we living out a pre-ordained pattern? Or are we just drifting, bumbling along? We know that there are forces acting on us all the time, but are some of them as far away as the stars? Could these forces be known, and therefore harnessed in the service of our dreams? They’re all interesting questions. 

    You’re a prolific author under multiple pen names. Was the process of writing Star-Crossed different from your previous work?

    Star-Crossed is my first romantic comedy, so it’s different from my other work in terms of genre. But I invest all my writing with the same determination to get the words on the page to match, as best I can, with the images I can see in my mind. I like all different kinds of storytelling, and I hope always to be taking on new and different challenges. My next novel, for example, will be more of a romance and less of a comedy.

    Traditionally, romance novels have been seen as exclusively a women’s interest and therefore somehow as less ‘literary.’ In your experience writing across different genres, do you think the perception of romance is changing? 

    There’s no necessary disconnect between romantic comedy and ‘literature.’ After all, what was Jane Austen, if not the consummate writer of rom-com? Yes, there is probably a tendency for people to look down on romance as a genre, but the older I get, the less I worry about all that. 

    Older me is less concerned than younger me about judgements; older me knows that it’s best just to be honest about what gives you pleasure (and I mean that about a lot of things!) 

    If you really don’t like rom coms, fine, don’t read them. But if you secretly love a good sniffle at the cathartic end of a love story, then embrace it! I think there’s a big part to play, in the world right now, for joy. Along with hope, it’s the thing that keeps us going through the dark days.

    Star-Crossed was released May 21, 2019.


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    Kiki, also known as @kikimancy on Twitter and Instagram, is known for her blend of cosmetology and cosmology, and her knowledge shines through in her latest e-book, The Ancient Art of Onychomancy In the Modern World. Grounded in palmistry (divination through reading palms), Kiki takes on onychomancy, also known as nail reading, in a whole new way through looking at the shape of nails and translating that to personality and possibilities. With The Ancient Art of Onychomancy In the Modern World, Kiki encompasses the art of palmistry with in depth nail reading, astrology, tarot, and energy systems. It leads to an intrinsic invitation to an analysis of self and mind-body-spirit synergy through your nails.

    Talk about shaping your future at the tip of your fingers!

    Kiki says her nail and manicure readings are innate because of how her upbringing influenced her work. “My mom's side is Japanese, my late grandmother was very spiritual and who was very into ritual and energy,” said Kiki as we spoke over Zoom. Her grandmother practiced Japanese Shinto, a traditional Japanese religion. Kiki spoke about her grandmother’s massages. “She taught us to always take care of them. If something hurts, you have to massage it. She would say if it hurt it was because there was a demon there and you had to massage it out.”

    Kiki's grandmother taught her at a very young age about energy. “It wasn't her career or anything, it was how she lived her life," she said. "So I was always interested in this stuff."

    When she turned 10 years old, Kiki found a book in the house she was living in at the time, a palmistry book. “Nobody in my family knew where it came from, and I started reading it and then started reading everyone's palms,” Kiki explained. “You know people say ‘you're not learning something, you're remembering it’? That’s what it felt like. It felt super innate.”

    That flourished Kiki’s love for palmistry and divination and, ultimately, her book. From then on, she began reading everyone's palms nonstop and studied palmistry for decades.

    Kiki describes it as more than it meets the eye. “I don't look, like, [at] someone's hands and think, of...okay, this shape, this color nail polish,” Kiki said. “When I'm talking to you, that we are communicating, they are speaking to me, through your hands, and that is what palmistry feels like to me at this point.”

    Twitter is where Kiki was able to interact with the community, doing research through the app about different nails, looking at other people's nails, and eventually putting out her book. “It kind of became my thing over Twitter. I was, like, the nail reading girl. Before that, I offered palm readings and astrology way later,” said Kiki. “I became aware how much content i was putting out there, and because people were so into it, I wanted it to put it out there in an organized way.”

    Talking about nails is nothing new for her. “As far as I know,” Kiki said, smiling. “I am the first person to write about manicures.” She shared how her favorite pieces of feedback was when she read the nails of a woman with acrylics. While sharing her findings on the TL, someone mentioned that acrylics were just “pieces of plastic and don't mean anything.”

    “My response,” began Kiki, “is this woman chooses those pieces of plastic and color and everything about it. Once it is on your body, it's part of your body."

    Kiki's career is in beauty. As a hairstylist and makeup artist, Kiki found it very natural to understanding how cosmetology and cosmology work together. “I see my external presentation as an expression of how I feel on the inside, and so I really appreciate palmistry giving me the opportunity to help women and people, really anyone else help appreciate that every millimeter of your body is significant," she said. “Maybe it is super shallow, but it's super deep, if you take time to look at it. It shows ourselves in a way that resonates with us.”

    To purchase Kiki’s book, you can tap in on her blog and follow her on Instagram and Twitter for more nail reading updates and more.

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    Meet Sarah Potter: curator, Tarot reader, and color magic practitioner from Brooklyn, New York City. Known for her insightful tarot readings, Sarah Potter (@iamsarahpotter) also is not just a magic woman, she's also a well-known artistic director.

    BUST sat down with Ms. Potter to discuss her career, Tarot, art, and magic. She will be teaming up with Kristen Sollee (@kristenkorvette) for a wonderful workshop titled “Sex & Color Magic: Riding the Rainbow" at the BUST School For Creative Living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on Sunday, December 9. 

    You’re a curator, Tarot reader, and color magic practitioner. How do all these different things work together in your craft?

    I am totally stimulated by visuals. All three of these facets of my work all feed my "metaphoric well" of inspiration. As a curator, I create experiential exhibitions that explore the ideas of modern-day mysticism and allow viewers to feel the impact of the visual arts on all of their senses. As a Tarot reader, I respond to the visuals of the deck I use with my clients as I intuitively follow the guidance of the story coming through. Through my Color Magic workshops, I give students the tools to use color intuitively in their own lives to evoke specific intentions to positively imp at their own lives. We can use the power of color to change everything, flip our perspectives, and majorly manifest all of our desires. All three of my business are about following your intuition and face to face connection. I want you to FEEL SOMETHING. We need that so badly, right now. Social media is so wonderful and connective, but it can have the opposite effect, too. I want to get people out of their homes, put their screens down, and feel some real connections together. This is one of the main reasons of why I host so many exhibitions, workshops, and lectures in the physical realm and offline.

    When did you discover your interest in magic and tarot?

    Magic has always been a part of my life. My mom is a very spiritual person and encouraged the development of my intuition from a very early age. I was drawn to witchcraft and Tarot at the same time. I was 12, an age where our power is beginning to awaken and we start to question everything. This is the age in so many cultures and religions where we start to see "rites of adulthood," and it is a time when I feel like a lot of witches feel their call. Honestly, I was completely drawn to the visuals of the covers of the witch books in the spirituality section of Barnes and Noble. (The late '90s had a very interesting aesthetic language going on!) I saw stacks of Tarot decks at this store called East Meets West in the local mall (one of those shops that sold candles and incense and Grateful Dead stuff and dragon sculptures...I have no idea why I was in there at 12). I remember being totally entranced and fixated by all of the imagery of the different decks and purchased myself the Rider-Waite Tarot deck because there was something to intoxicating & powerful about that Magician on the cover of the box. I am still using that deck for readings! My interest in Tarot led me to an interest in witchcraft, so I picked up two books: Silver Ravenwolf's To Ride a Silver Broomstick (with cover art looked like something that would be airbrushed on the side of a purple van, I mean this in the most glamorous way possible) and Helping Yourself with White Witchcraft by Al G Manning. These were pretty crone-y books to pick up as a 12-year-old, but magic is potent and I believe we are drawn to what we need. It has stayed with me ever since. 

    What is Color Magic?

    Color Magic is the practice of using the full color spectrum with specific intention to invoke a magical response. Each color has its own vibration and ability to evoke a specific mood or feeling. Through my Color Magic workshops and lectures, I give people the tools to intentionally use color in their own lives to affect their moods, project who they are to the outside world, and manifest all of their desires. Color is so empowering, and I want everyone to feel that, especially for women and femme-identifying people. Society has conditioned women to not ask for what they want, to not show desire: desire for sex, for money, to conquer our biggest goals and highest aspirations. That has always been the "typically masculine" way of living. I am so over that, and now we are seeing that society is so over that way of thinking. Things are finally starting to change. I want the magic of color to embolden everyone to go after everything they want in this lifetime! It sounds like a lofty goal, right? What does wearing a certain color or painting my bedroom or my nails a certain shade have to do with getting paid the rate I deserve??! I swear, it is all connected. Color can truly be the first step in changing your mindset to bring in everything you have ever wanted. I have been teaching this workshop for over a year now, and I love when past participants come back to me with updates on how color has positively impacted their lives since they started using Color Magic. It's just the best.

    What color best represents you?

    I love so many colors for their specific intentions, but overall, my favorite color is pink. I love the duality of this potent color. Think about a sweet baby pink versus a vibrant magenta or fuchsia. They both make you feel so differently, right? I think every shade of pink is such a power color. It's the most punk color on the spectrum, a true shaker-upper, and beyond that, it's just such a happy color. Pink is the color of love, and more importantly, self-love. We show others how to treat us, and if we treat ourselves badly, how do we expect others to not do the same? Set the standard, and set it very high! We could all use a little more pink in our lives.

    View this post on Instagram

    O M G guys December is shaping up to be filled with so many fun events!! ✨I am so psyched to let you know that @kristenkorvette and I will be offering our wildly popular, super fun & informative workshop “Sex & Color Magic : Riding the Rainbow” as part of @bust_magazine ‘s School for Creative Living at the #bustcraftacular in Brooklyn!! ✨?✨This workshop is one of my absolute favorites to teach because I get to team up with Kristen (author of one of my fave books “Witches, Sluts, Feminists” & forthcoming #catcallbook plus she’s majorly magical and such a good friend ?) Because this is a special occasion & we all deserve a holiday treat right now, we are able to offer this class at a discounted rate! ? How sweet is that?! Our workshop is at 4 PM on Sunday, December 9 & tickets may be purchased a la cart or as part of an all access pass! Check out the full schedule because there are so many amazing panels, lectures & classes being offered! ? Reserve your ticket now via the link in my bio as space is limited ✨??? I am SO excited!! Let me know if you’ll be joining us ?

    A post shared by Sarah Potter (@iamsarahpotter) on

    You’re doing an event with Kristen Sollee at the BUST Craftacular—tell me about your event.

    Earlier this year, Kristen and I teamed up to create our workshop "Sex & Color Magic: Riding the Rainbow," an introductory class to explore sensual synesthesia and the intersection of sex magic and color magic. We go over the connection between color, sex, and witchcraft with a combination of history and practical application. We will be offering this workshop as part of the BUST School for Creative Living at the BUST Craftacular event on December 9 at the Brooklyn Expo Center. I love working with Kristen and I love this class so much. We also have a really fun activity portion of the workshop, so everyone gets to leave with a little something they create with us.

    You’re also a Tarot reader. When did you start reading cards?

    I started reading cards when I was 12 years old when I got that Rider-Waite deck from the mall. I have always been a weirdo, but I am very lucky in the fact that I have always been surrounded by other weirdos. My best friend was also a little witch and her mother read cards, so she taught us all about Tarot and how to to do readings. We were doing readings that were very pertinent to middle school girls: who has a crush on us? (I mean, let's be real, the most popular questions clients come to me with is regarding their love life. We never grow out of that, and why should we?) We would hustle our classmates in gym class and do readings for a few dollars. (I have always been an entrepreneur). We definitely got into trouble for that, but if you aren't shaking things up, then are you even doing anything? I have been reading ever since.

    As I got older, I became pretty shy about my spirituality and kept it more private, but I continued to use that same deck to help me with all of my decision-making. Magic has always been a part of my life, and a few years ago, after a series of events, I did not want to keep it so secretive. I started talking about it more—how I use my magical practice in my art world business and how it truly encompasses every part of what I do. I was scared that people wouldn't take me seriously or view me as a woo-woo lady on another planet with her head in the clouds. I think it is incredibly important to face your fears, though, and I was blown away by the response. People seemed to respect me more, and my business grew as I was more in touch with my true self. I feel very lucky and privileged to be a woman who is openly a witch and run successful businesses based on that notion.

    How long have you been reading Tarot cards?

    Over two decades now, can you believe it? And I am always still learning. I love hearing other readers' perspectives on different cards, and I am always seeking new books to read and research so I can be the sharpest I can be for my clients. I want everyone to leave a session with closure on whatever they are seeking.

    What Tarot card resonates the most with you?

    When I was a teenager, my card was the Three of Swords. Three of Swords?! Who chooses that card?? An emotional teenager totally in her feelings and listening to way too much emo music in the early 2000s. The Three of Swords is the card of heartbreak, the card of utter sorrow and emotional pain. I identified with that card up until a few years ago. After a series of events and my own "awakening," I began a new path to change everything in my life. I had fallen away from my intuition and needs to rebuild a path with my own Divine Feminine. In that moment, I consciously chose to separate myself from the card of emotional pain, and chose a new card, The High Priestess, as my identifier. I love this card so much. The High Priestess is the card of our intuition, the agent of both the conscious and subconscious realms, the keeper of secrets. She reminds me that I hold my own power, and that my own intuition is so powerful and I should allow it to guide me in every aspect of my life: work, personal, the people I surround myself with, and the readings I give to my clients. She symbolizes the Divine Feminine, duality, and our subconscious. She is the ultimate symbol of what being a woman means to me: accepting your shadow side, trusting your instincts, and reveling in your own power. It is okay to feel instead of to think. Isn't she just so amazing and incredible? There is a reason she is the card of so many witches and mystics.

    Tell me about your love affair with the Tarot.

    I love Tarot so much, I could talk about it all day and all night. Everything is in there. Every story, every feeling, every explanation. Those archetypes hit on everything. Every magical babe has their thing, and Tarot is just the language I resonate with. When I start shuffling those cards and laying them out, I am always confident that whatever my client is questioning, it will be revealed right here. It is literally "all in the cards." And you can't hide from it what it is going to say to you. One of my favorite stories to share is that I was doing a reading for one of my closest friends, and a younger man kept showing up in the cards. I was like, who is this young, promiscuous man??!  I had no idea who this guy was, but I kept revealing more and more information, and it turns out that it was a much-younger secret boyfriend she had not told me about yet. And guess what, he was cheating on her, and they were currently having an argument about it. The cards bring it out! She always uses that story to recommend me to other people, and we always laugh about it because you really can't hide anything from me and those cards.

    I get a lot of first-timers, which I LOVE, and often people tell me they are a little scared. Am I going to tell you that you are going to die? That's literally the first thing everyone asks me when they are scared—and guess what, guys, we are all going to die, but that's probably not going to come out in our readings. Sometimes I have to deliver some difficult messages, but I always do it with sensitivity.

    Tarot is something I feel completely confident in, and I want to share that love with everyone. I take this work very seriously. It's part of the reason I maintain my health and sleep schedule and stay 100 for my clients. A lot of people ask me if I am drained by clients and readings, and honestly, it energizes me. I can do four back-to-back hour-long private sessions and bounce out of the studio to dinner with friends afterwards. This business has brought a new balance and better boundaries into my life. It is so wonderful. I love connecting with clients through this language and being able to offer a new perspective or illuminate what is happening in the shadows for them. Nothing makes me feel better than when clients tell me that changes they have made in their lives after our sessions. I swear, it often happens within hours. We all deserve to live our best lives, and if our Tarot sessions together can be the catalyst, what's better than that? 

    How can people get in touch with you?

    I love connecting with people on social media, especially on Instagram (@iamsarahpotter). I start every day with a daily card pull and intuitive reading for all of my followers which I post on my Story. For a personal reading, send me an email I offer my clients private sessions in their homes or via FaceTime / Skype, and I also have sessions at my studio within Black Iris Tattoo in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. I love being a part of the Black Iris family, which is so much more than a tattoo studio. All of the artists are incredible; there is a little metaphysical shop up front, and they host weekly community workshops about astrology, magick, and so much more.

    Photo courtesy Sarah Potter

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