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    Here's why you need to be in Harlem, NYC, this week: to give back to the community and receive a free BUST magazine issue, obviously!

    The “Women’s Drive: NYC Tour, an initiative dedicated to providing basic hygiene products to women in need throughout New York City, kicked off this past Sunday and we are more than excited!

    The drive was created by Essence Beaute (@EssenceBeaute), a start-up digital content brand that aims to support, empower, and provide equal media representation for all women. EB was founded by our very own events intern, Nakia Kerlan (@NakiaKerlan) and her best friend, editorial makeup artist, Keyanna Banks (@Kbank.s).

    The first stop on the tour is Harlem, NYC! The brand has partner up with Luxury Hair Lounge (@LuxuryHairLoungeNYC), located at 111 E 125th St, New York, NY, 10035, to host the drive. All products will be donated to Greenhope Housing and Win NYC, women’s shelter facilities in East Harlem.

    Acceptable donations include (but are not limited to):

  • toothbrushes
  • deodorant
  • toothpaste/mouthwash
  • razors (for shaving)
  • feminine wipes
  • body lotion
  • pads/tampons
  • soap
  • shampoo/conditioner
  • combs/brushes
  • Baby wipes/ diapers
  • socks

    TamponDrive a6866



    You still have a chance to donate between Tuesday, April 24th and Saturday, April 28th, during salon hours. Don't forget to pick up your free BUST Magazine issue while you're at it!

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    If you love the Goddess (however you imagine Her) and want to follow the bodily, spiritual, astrological, and lunar cycles of the year, We'Moonis for you! First published in 1981, the We'Moon women's datebook (and its associated sister wall calendar and other products) is more than just a venerable institution: it is a yearly inspiration. 2018's "La Luna" edition is the newest installment in the series, and packed with wit and wisdom, it is now available in Spanish as well as in English. 


    According to its publishers, theWe’Moon 2018: La Luna calendar "calls on the Moon to enlighten us in these clouded times. Transformation is Her specialty! We invoke the Moon's powers of re-direction for a fragile planet, for troubled peoples, and for all who seek new guidance. La Luna's dance with Light and Dark, Birth and Death, growth and demise is a pageant of regenerative hope. Her rhythms stir our life-blood, and her cycles reflect the hidden layers of our body-mind wisdom."

    Check out what fans have to say about this cool astrological recource:

    "I have been using your calendar for years and years!!! Thank you for the incredible work We’Moon is doing. The much-needed shift in consciousness towards a more woman-honoring world is inspiring in so many of us."

    —Alice Walker, author and activist

    “This is so much more than a calendar. It is a resource—a way of focusing the direction of your days on positive living. The poetry and art always inform, inspire, and profoundly impress."

    —Vision Magazine

    We’Moon 2018also features art by contemporary creators including Denise Kester, Amara Hollow Bones, Shelly Anne Tipton Irish, Kimberly Webber, Olivia Jane, and Autumn Skye, alongside inspired writings by Stephanie A. Sellers, Ann Filemyr, Nell Aurelia, Nuit Moore, Starr Goode, Naima Penniman and more.

    The datebooks are available in three editions: double-O metal spiral binding, sturdy paperback binding with canvas spine, and unbound. The unbound edition—loose-leafed and shrink-wrapped—can be custom punched at a local copy shop as a supplement to day planners or personal journals.

    We’Moon 2018 Spiral Edition$19.95
    We’Moon 2018 Sturdy Paperback Edition  $19.95
    We’Moon 2018 Unbound Edition$19.95
    We’Moon 2018 Spanish Edition$19.95
    Printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink
    • 240 pages in full color
    • 5
    1/4” x 8”

    Find out more at https://wemoon.ws/ !