Brown University Students Publish Beautiful Anti-Sexual Assault Zine - BUST

This past Thursday, a federal complaint was filed against Brown University, accusing the school of violating the law by failing to expel a student found guilty of raping fellow classmate, Lena Sclove. After coming forward about the school's mishandling of her case last month, Lena's courageous battle for justice and increased awareness sparked the kind of national attention these issues deserve.

In light of this anti-violence awareness, Brown University-based publication, Bluestockings Magazine, released a new zine, SILENCE + VOICE, dedicated to exposing and contesting violence of all kinds. The issue contains a compilation of survival stories and testimonies, including the inspiring words of Lena Sclove.

"This is not just about me. There are so many survivors out there. This is about all of us. This is about making this campus safe for everyone. But we have to keep thinking critically about this issue. We can't get stuck. We must think intersectionally about how sexual assault directly connects to racism, homophobia, transphobia, and classism. Furthermore, right now there is a great deal of national attention on college sexual assault but sexual assault happens in the home, in elementary, middle and high school and on the street... There is still much work to be done."

The collage aesthetic of the zine emulates the raw truth expressed in each testimony. Yet, the way the collection of quotes float above abstract images of solar systems, maps, and colorful designs evokes a strong sense of hope -- for a world without sexual violence.

After all the surges of online publicity, the medium of the zine as a safe space for these memoirs brings the larger problem at hand back down to earth. Using a zine to spread awareness  further emphasizes the fact that these issues are not just news stories; they belong to real people and, "there is still much work to be done."

View the zine here!


Image Courtesy of Speakaboutitonline.