OMG! Tavi and Jane Pratt to Launch Teen Mag! - BUST

Thirteen-year-old fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson and founder of Sassy magazine (and former JANE editor-in-chief) Jane Pratt have announced their collaboration on a brand new Sassy-esque teen magazine. Tavi, known for her outspoken feminist views, wacky-teen-by-way-of-Comme-Des-Garcons outfits, worldly writing style, and infamous wearing of an oversized hair bow hat in the front row of some fashion show, has never been your typical precocious tween role model, from her swift denouncement of Terry Richardson to her obviously formidable PR skills. Since the fall of ElleGirl, there has been a real gap in the major teen mag market for the not-so Seventeen set, and hopefully, this “feminist, creative, moody-teenage-girl” publication will appeal not just to the Rodarte-loving fashion blog crowd, but to the real teenagers who long for a much-needed alternative to the dominant girl culture.  photo courtesy frillr.com