Danielle Bakes Her Way to the Finale - BUST
danielle-keene-top-chef-just-dessertsBecause my current sublet has both a big-screen TV and digital cable, I have taken it upon myself to watch as much television as humanly possible- might as well get it while the goin's good, right? Anyway, last woman standing Danielle Keene won the challenge that will bring her into the finale last night on Top Chef: Just Desserts, and I must say, I couldn't be happier.
Danielle won my heart after she chose Andy Richter and Conan O'Brian when prompted to do a celebrity couple (? I don't get it either- the world of promotional/decorative desserts is one I don't understand and don't care to) themed tea-party dessert, when everyone else chose regular old heterosexual pairings.
Despite being the show's scapegoat who is often told she has "no right to be there," Danielle has soldiered on with her laidback, goofy personality and charmingly wacky desserts, staying out of the drama, bullying, and open meanness with an occasional eye roll. When it comes to competitive Bravo-type shows, women always seem to have it harder than men (even at stuff women are just naturally good at, like baking and making pretty dresses) and it's often interesting to see just how macho the professional world can be. Hopefully Danielle can make it to the top, and I'm happy she's holding it down for the ladies.
photo courtesy of poptower.com