Tiny Furniture Opens on Friday - BUST


In the trailer for the upcoming indie film Tiny Furniture, Leah Dunham, as 22-year old Aura, slouches home to her mother’s lux NYC loft apartment, dazed from four years of undergrad in Ohio (probably Oberlin.) Like a girl version of The Graduate, the newly adult Aura can’t quite figure out what to do with herself, though she does find time to fight with her mother and sister, take a hostess job, and put up fellow upper-upper-middle-class-liberal-arts type and romantic interest Alex Karpovsky in her mom’s house. With a refreshingly realistic and un-styled cast actually played by Dunham’s real life mother and sister, Tiny Furniture seems worth checking out for being that rare jewel: a movie written, directed by, and about a young woman. Tiny Furniture opens in limited distribution November 12th. PHOTO COURTESY OF tinyfurniture.com