A Funnier Side of Andie MacDowell - BUST

Have you spent countless nights lying awake in bed wondering what exactly Andie MacDowell has been up to lately?

If so, you can sleep easy tonight knowing that the actress and L’Oreal spokeswoman has actually been busy working to establish a new career in stand-up comedy.

Ok, not really.

But writer, producer, and BUST contributor, Jill Soloway teamed up with Michaela Watkins (the hilarious comedienne that SNL inexplicably cut after only one season) to give you an idea of what that may be like.

Here’s their Funny or Die video of Andie’s debut stand-up act.

Also for you’re viewing pleasure, here’s Michaela playing the sniffly celebrity blogger, Angie Tempura (I thought this character was hysterical).

[Image: imdb.com]