Learn the Secrets Behind the Booty Bounce at Bounce Class! - BUST

New Orleans bounce, the energetic, call-and-response style of hip hop from NOLA, is officially taking over!  The music comes with the signature and enigmatic booty bounce dance, and you can learn how to shake it like one of the best at the bounce dance class next Tuesday, June 1st.

Altercation, one of renowned bounce artist Big Freedia's top dancers, is hosting the class in Brooklyn, which is open to any and all skill levels.  Check out the video below to get ready, Altercation is featured throughout the video in the long grey dress:

[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gQo1yWXFG4&feature=player_embedded#! 425x344]

The class will be two hours at a rate of $10 to $20 sliding scale.  Email calliew@bust.com for more information.

Image via bigfreedia.com