The Many Fabulous Hats of Björk - BUST

Once you have reached the zenith of fame and become an international household name, then who’s to say you shouldn’t have a go at a whole new career? You know, indie pop siren to low-down dirty DJ. Well, maybe Björk isn’t planning an entirely new redirect, but she sure will twist some vinyl with Alex Ross and Brandon Stosuy of Stereogum in the name of charity. Last night in Brooklyn, hundreds of fans flooded the Escher-like labyrinth of Above the Auto Parts Store to catch a glimpse of Björk spinning records. The dynamic between the singer and writers was like mad scientists working in a lab; each taking thoughtful account of each other’s moves and choices. Of couse, Björk was dressed to the nines, sporting a bloody red pleated collar that resembled a bird of paradise. The hype machine behind the event promised a Thai sound, but they didn’t mention that the weather would also be like Thailand. If it wasn’t hot enough outside, a collection of maybe 20 heat lamps and a crowd of over 500 people made the dance floor muggy like a sweltering jungle. Despite the shower of sweat, the sultry ambience and aclectic remixes of Bollywood meets NYC Club circuit gave way to a truly authentic warehouse party experience. The proceeds of the event are going to Partners in Health’s Stand With Haiti Fund.