Riot Grrrl: 20 Years Later - BUST


Does Riot Grrrl still exist? Has it evolved? It's clear that the movement has had an influence on tons of musicians, zinesters, and grassroots organizers since it began, but just how much of an influence has it had? And what's changed to keep it relevant in 2010? These are just some of the questions the International Girl Gang Underground zine, "a compilation zine that picks up where Riot Grrrl left off," hopes to answer, and they are calling for submissions from DIY musicians, zine writers, and project organizers for help.  To participate, submit your essays, how-to's, art, band/collective info, or whatever you'd like to share (see the guidelines at GirlGangUnderground.org for specifics) to girlgangunderground@gmail.com by May 31st.  See the website for details.  And spread the word!


Flyer courtesy of GirlGangUnderground.org