Markus' Puts the Bro in Brothel - BUST

Ladies, meet Markus: the first man you can legally hire for sex in the U.S.

The Shady Lady Ranch in Nevada hired the "prostidude" after winning state and county approval to employ male prostitutes.  This 25-year-old former Marine found himself outpacing a few other good men, and now he can be yours—for $300 an hour.

Here's the intimate details on Markus, according to Markus: Before accepting the position he had a brief stint as a porn actor (he only lasted two scenes), he waited until age 23 to lose his virginity, and had only been to bed with six women before becoming a male prostitute.  Markus thinks he's "breaking through sexual segregation," comparing his role in the sex industry to civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

Markus also has a strict "no guys" policy, a decision many are calling sexist and discriminatory.

"How can you just turn down services because of what someone's preference is? It comes with the territory. It comes with the business," said "Cuddles," a prostitute from competing brothel Angel's Ladies to the Associated Press.

Markus told a New York Post reporter who hired him that she should think of the experience of hiring a male prostitute as liberating; "Women can afford these commodities so basically they're asserting their rights as a woman. You're not crazy because they'd never say a man's crazy for doing this. You're not crazy. You're liberated."  In the end, they didn't actually do the deed.

Is Markus spurring a new kind of sexual revolution, or is legal male prostitution doomed to have a few rolls in the hay and then fade away?

Photo courtesy the Shady Lady Ranch.