I mostly kind of sorta like Real Taylor Swift. But I super love Parody Taylor Swift! - BUST

Oh Taylor Swift.  I hated you during the onslaught of "Love Story;" hated your complete disregard for and desecration of literature ("Cause you were Romeo, I was the Scarlet Letter?"  WHAT IS THAT? It. Doesn't. Make. Sense. Have you read either of those books?  Do you know they both end badly and are completely inappropriate for the subject you're singing about?  Do you know hundreds of young girls are going to read those books expecting some kind of happy ending only to be met with two suicides, slut-shaming and corporal mortification?  Children will be scarred.  I hope you're proud of yourself.)  

But then came "You Belong With Me," which, of course, was still problematic but as a former drum major, I was just pleased you were representing marching band.  You even more a shako.  Love.  You told girls it was okay to study and be dorky and be silly and be yourself- you can still get the guy (even though you also kind of advocated for pathetically waiting around your room for said guy to notice you, but whatevs, for mainstream pop, I'll take it- but seriously, only because you wore the skako.)

Then Kanye stole your thunder and I felt sorry for you.  You dated Taylor Lautner and I fantasized about how attractive y'all's children would be.  You hosted SNL and I laughed.  Good times for us, Taylor, good times.  

Then out came "Fifteen" and I again I was conflicted.  You told girls that adolescence is hard (it is...), you told them a bad relationship isn't the end of the world (it isn't...), you told them it was okay to make mistakes (right...) but then you kind of implied that losing your virginity is one of the worst things that can happen to you in highschool (which I totally recognize some girls do feel that way and can really relate to this message.)  And while it's not horrendous, it still kind of gives me an uneasy feeling.

Still though Taylor, you're a pretty good role model for girls.  I respect you for your autonomy in the music industry and appreciate the girl power message you give to young girls most of the time.  So we're cool, but even though I like you, I really wish THIS WOMAN was the one every teenage girl was listening to in her bedroom.  Get ready to fall in hardcore love:

[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WISkvJOUOe4&feature=player_embedded 425x344]

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