Hello Fatty? - BUST

phpAHgnTjPM.jpgNormally, I find Sanrio products delightfully cute and innocent (except for that Hello Kitty vibrator that was supposedly out and about somewhere) but now, I just don't know...

Introducing, the Hello Kitty Portable Body Fat Scale for the low low price of $30. Ick. Besides all of the Sanrio travel cases, the Chococat Nail Clippers, and assortment of standing mirrors you find this sad gadget. The product description is as follows:

'This smart Hello Kitty portable body fat scale will help you monitor your body fat percentage to improve your total health and fitness. Scale design featuring Hello Kitty and ribbons'

Yup, just what the target audience (kids and tweens) needs, to look after their body fat on a daily basis so they can feel even more depressed about themselves. Sanrio states this scale will help with your eating and exercise routine, but come on, this is a little twisted for my taste. Please Sanrio, scrap this product stat!

A big thank you to Katie Mosier for finding this blog-worthy gem.


Photo courtesy of shop.sanrio.com

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