Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free - BUST

Brooklyn-based Akron/Family defies categorization.

Describing Brooklyn-based Akron/Family is a bit like trying to sum up the plot of a David Lynch film: it’s best to just experience it for yourself. Notorious for their unforgettable live performances—one show I caught included a decorative maypole, Indian headdresses, and a rabble-rousing sing-along outside of the venue—the boys have created another gloriously eclectic production with Set ’Em Wild, Set ’Em Free. Funky bass beats, fuzzy drones, and catchy ’70s rock rhythms are sprinkled throughout tracks like ìEveryone Is Guiltyî and ìMBF.î On the slower side, ìRiverî and the title track showcase gorgeous vocal harmonies alongside sweet guitar melodies, flute, and strings. Experimental folk, psych, and freak rock are all genres that can describe Set ’Em Wild, but none are adequate. Only once you stop trying to figure out what category this album might fit into can you truly discover and appreciate the sound Akron/Family creates.