Pretty Ladies Are Poopy Friends? - BUST

 Do you have drop dead gorgeous friends? According to the author of an article circulating on CNN.com, they can kill any friendship with their 'my way or the highway' attitude.

Jessica Wakeman of The Frisky, a self-proclaimed 'regular looking' lady, tells stories of how her former oh so beautiful friends/roommates wanted her to do whatever they pleased and always insisted that they were right about everything. Wakeman states she was in no way jealous of her eye-catching pals, just resentful of the way they belittled her and expected higher-than-thou treatment. With beauty apparently comes a demanding, bitchy attitude.

In my opinion, you can get that treatment from any kind of friend. Hell, I've had falling outs with a few friends and I can assure you they were not the standard modeling type. I know I've been a witch to friends as well and I also can assure you it wasn't because I thought I had it going on physically. I hate to state the obvious but normal-looking people can have attitudes too.

I don't know what it is but lady to lady friendships are always under scrutiny. We gossip too much, we only talk about guys, we use each other, we secretly hate the other, yada yada yada, I've heard it all. Shut up, already!


Photo courtesy of innatfalsecreek.com

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