I'm Gonna Do It My Way! - BUST


About last year or so, when I was 23, a whole slew of people I knew from high school and college started getting married. Now, I wasn't particularly tight with a bunch of them so I didn't get to see the weddings up close and personal, but I did check out their wedding albums online. Let me just say, I am getting a better idea of what I don't want in a wedding (not gonna happen anytime in the near future but hey, it's never too early to get a sense of what you do/don't like).

I have nothing against church weddings, white dresses, three tier wedding cakes decorated to match the invites, that's just not me...at all. Luckily, for ladies that feel the same way I do, there are a number of sites that make planning your out-of-the-ordinary wedding a snap.

One site I find dandy is Offbeat Bride , which profiles undeniably unique weddings/receptions and gives tips to throwing the perfect day. You're not one of those couples that wants a first dance in front of your entire family and friends? Hey, couples have played Rock Band together, had their first drink, and even had their first moon bounce jump together. Come on, this is too cute!


Photo courtesy of Offbeat Bride

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