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Me and a couple of my best-ies are starting a porn mag for ladies that love dicks called...drum roll please, LigerBeat! We are throwing a benefit party this Sat in Brooklyn. It'll be fire! Cheap beer, smoking dance floor, zine pre-order (its a limited run so you wanna get on the list!), some baked goods, and plenty of dick flick opportunities. Oh, and the DJ line up will have everyone poppin' up: BUST fav DJ Dirty Finger, Cat Master, Bikes in the Kitchen Carlos, Ryder Ripps of 3pac$ and The Guts fame and LigerBeat heartthrob Teenwolf of Ninjasonik (he's featured in the debut issue). Party starts at Party O'clock and ends when the last dick drops.

LigerBeat! For all the dicks that's fit to print.
The release is Feb 14th!
Also, if you can't make it to the party but still want to beat off we are still looking for submissions. Think Seventeen style 'Why Mes' but about sex, erotic stories, or any theme or story ideas you want us to do. Also, if you know some fellas that have good wood please have them contact us at ligerbeat@gmail.com. Our time has cum.

Dicks Up, Balls Down,
Calisha Jenkoff
Editor-in-Quieff/Pubic Relations 

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