Once Twice Three Times a Lady - BUST

The new Showtime series , The United States of Tara, launches in a few weeks, and it looks like everything we could have hoped for, and more. Since it stars Toni Colette and is written by Diablo Cody, we've been expecting a feminist feast along the lines of a Muriel's Wedding/Juno mashup, and it looks like the ladies have delivered something even better. A women's studies dissertation waiting to happen, this show deals with a mid-western mama with 3 personalities: a man, a sexpot teen, and a June Cleaver-esque perfect housewife type. John Corbett stars as Tara's hubby, but there is something else Sex and the City-ish about the show, as the crux of the story seems to be a modern woman trying to deal with shifting expectations of women - something we can all relate to, even with only a single personality. Close your cubicle door, kick back, and watch the entire first episode below (thanks Showtime!. Whaddaya think?