Is There a Mad Doctor in the House? - BUST

image-1.jpgCombine gender-bending therapists, mutinous nuthouse patients and toss in wrestling lesbians for good measure and you'll get Waiting For the Show: a madcap, what-the-frack new comedic play by Theresa Diamond.

Psych ward inmates Nina and Anne, daily rehearse their fire-eating, snake handling, anti-abortion variety show as Maria from 'The Sound of Music' and former el presidente George Washington, which is periodically interrupted with Nina's trips to the Treatment Room. When mongo bonkers scientists Dr. Nietzche and Freud enter to observe, the gloves and straightjackets come off!

The show runs for four weeks starting this Thursday at the WOW Cafe in NYC. For additional info, log onto waitingfortheshow.com.

xoxo Alma R. Zeno

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