Nailin' It with NCLA and Melody Ehsani - BUST

My nails were lookin’ mad depressed 'til Callie--BUST's Crafty Lady and nail-art enthusiast-- asked me if I wanted to test out these new NCLA nail wraps (for those not in the nail know, wraps are enamel stickers that can be applied to the nails). Egyptian symbols in pink designed by Melody Ehsani?  Gimme NOW. 

The thing is, I am really lazy, and in true South Florida girl manner, I never do my own nails. I cannot perform the left handed acrobatics I have seen some girls on YouTube do to get perfect designs on both hands. I have always had a nail person.

Before I moved to New York, it was Stanley, a small man with a very curly mullet and opinions about everything. When he did my acrylic tips, he made sure they were long enough to make a statement but not so long that I couldn’t use my nails, and they were always bright and sturdy. And he always had the best colors-- I remember the two weeks I wore China Glaze's "Japanese Koi" with white flower designs. I felt like there was a fresh burst of summer on my hands.

I have never used nail stickers. I wondered how successful they could be. Thanks to NCLA, very successful. I went home that night and gave myself a mini mani while listening to the TV. It was to die for. Seriously, all I did was peel the right width of stickers and stick them gently to my nails, making sure that I smoothed out all the air bubbles. When I was done, I was elated. Though the nails didn't look exactly like they did on the website's nail model (I ain’t a nail model), I thought they came out really cute. I was walking around the apartment like I had discovered the moon and it felt good.

Nail Couture LA is a beauty product company based in Los Angeles that sells these magnificent nail wraps, as well as a line of fun polishes. Their nails wraps come in all types of fun designs, with multiple colors and varying degrees of glitter.  The stickers arrive in sheets and can be used for up to three applications. The best part: it only costs sixteen bucks! That's less than the price of a fancy manicure.

Still, while I was doing my nails, it dawned on me: what if I got nail extensions and then had the stickers put on for me at a salon? I might have a problem.

PRO TIP: Remember to put a coat of clear polish atop of your nail wrap stickers----I like Seche Vite. I forgot to, and ruined my nails a mere fifteen minutes after application.

Forgive my lame camera phone picture and my dry winter hands!


(Image Credit: BecomeGorgeous.com)


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