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There are few worlds as sexy, warm, and feel-good as the Jasmine Guillory rom-com universe, and While We Were Dating is a lovely addition to Guillory’s Wedding Date canon. Ad executive Ben Stephens (whose brother, Theo, is a previous Guillory hero) really isn’t looking for a relationship. But when renowned actor Anna Gardiner enters his orbit, he struggles to deny their chemistry. As Anna and Ben grow closer, they find themselves jumping headfirst into a spontaneous fling-turned-publicity stunt that could become the real thing. Although The Wedding Party and Party of Two are still the series’ standouts, Anna and Ben’s story features the same blend of banter, sexual tension, and mutual support that Guillory has perfected, and the book’s emphasis on mental health is also a poignant touch; both characters are in and often discuss therapy. There’s also a Maddie and Theo cameo, which series fans are sure to enjoy. 

By Lydia Wang




While We Were Dating 

By Jasmine Guillory