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Lauren Paige Richeson is a chef based in France who started her career at Project Parlor in Bed-Stuy, but her newest project is all about one of the most talked-about foods of the 2010s: the mighty avocado! Hailed as the ultimate millennial fuel and the reason young people can’t afford to buy houses, Richeson’s Avocado Obsession is filled with creative and easy recipes that go beyond your typical avo toast.

Richeson got her start by recreating recipes from restaurants that she wanted to try but couldn't afford at the time. “From there, I started just developing new and different recipes. I started cooking for other people, and I would cook at a bar called Project Parlor in Bed Stuy. I could have never imagined at that time that this hobby would turn into a career,” she says.

“Avocados are a kind of occult food, and they have such a wide reputation; what makes this book so great is that it is for everyone,” explains Richeson. Some of her favorite recipes in the book are the Avorita and the Prosciutto and Double Cheese Pizza with Creamy Avocado Sauce. “They're recipes that we are used to eating all the time, but they incorporate avocados in a way that completely surprises you,” she adds. If you're already salivating, you're in luck. You can check out her pizza recipe below and buy the cookbook here.

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Images via Lauren Paige Richeson


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