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Moms come in all shapes, sizes, and hold all sorts of jobs. But, at the end of the day, they all have one thing in common: They all love their babies. Written by Juniper Fitzgeral and illustrated by Elise Peterson, the new picture book How Mamas Love Their Babies (Feminist Press) explores the myriad occupations mothers hold that allows them to provide for their children.


Through vibrant, colorful collages, the book draws beautiful parallels between the work women do at their jobs — from sex work to housekeeping to healthcare — and the work they do to care for their children. Eschewing the classist idea that having a prestigious job makes you a more capable mother, How Mamas Love Their Babies explains that all women, no matter what they do for a living, can care for their children equally well. Bringing represenation to stigmatized and undervalued occupations, How Mamas Love Their Babies redefines what qualifies as appropriate professions for women with children, and “shifts our narrow definition of what a mother is, what a mother does, what a mother looks [like], and what caring for our babies looks like,” says activist Sarah Sophie Flicker in a press release. According to Feminist Press, it's the first picture book to show a sex worker parent. 

How Mamas Love Their Babies is a staple for any parent who wants to redefine gender roles, and raise their child in a more inclusive, sex-positive world where all work is valued. Out tomorrow, it’s a perfect Valentine's Day gift for any mama with youngsters to show how much you love her, too. 

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