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In a brilliant way to demonstrate sexism in publishing, a bookstore in Cleveland, Ohio has turned all the books by men backward for Women's History Month, leaving only the spines of books by women visible.

Loganberry Books shared photos of their bookstore display earlier this month, and they have since gone viral. "Illustrating the fiction gender gap: We've silenced male authors, leaving works of women in view," reads a sign by one bookshelf.

Loganberry Books founder Harriet Logan told BuzzFeed that she has highlighted women's work every March for the 20 years she's been working at a bookstore.

"This year, I wanted to do something different, something that would highlight not just the good works by women, but also the disparity in the industry. As someone who tries to carry female authors, the effect is shocking," she said.

She added, "I want people to think: Is the gender gap really this uneven, and why? What does my personal library look like? What can be done to change this imbalance? And then go find a title by a female author you may or may not be familiar with — it's easy to find them — and give it a try."

If you're in the Cleveland area, get to the bookstore today or tomorrow — the display ends on March 14th.

Check out these photos via Loganberry Books below:

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Photos via Facebook/Loganberry Books

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