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"Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead” — Lucille Ball

I'm screaming inside with excitement for this one-of-kind book dedicated to loving all things about redheads. Elizabeth Graeber's A Field Guide to Redheads  is an illustrated celebration of our planet's rarest creatures.


In this quirky little hardcover, the book features a 100 famous real and fictional redheads. Each page is unique and surprising with celebrations for every type of red hair, from amber to strawberry, and the people who love them. Within the magical pages, you'll see David Bowie, Adele, Sylvia Plath, Shirley Temple, Joan Holloway, and many, many more. Check out a selection of five of our favorite fictional redheads below:

Anne of Green GablesAnne of Green Gables


Joan HallowayJoan Holloway from Mad Men

This book is absolutely perfect for the pint-size redheads in your life. It's an inspiring dose of self-love and celebration. Growing up with red hair can be difficult, as it leaves you open to bullying. I never understood why red hair was often seen as shameful. It's gorgeous in its many forms!

Miss FrizzleMiss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus

pippiPippi Longstocking

This book is certainly not just for your children. It's an irresistible guide for anyone. It captures your heart with charming illustrations of poems, chewy recipes, and our favorite redheads. It shouts from page to page how insanely beautiful and unique it is to be a redhead.


Pippi Longstocking BraidsPippi Longstocking

Thelma and LouiseThelma & Louise

Feild Guide to Red Heads

Get more information on the book here.

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