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Sometimes you're having a bad day and you feel that no one understands you. But there is someone who understands you, and her name is Sarah Andersen. Andersen created the popular web comic Sarah's Scribbles, and now, her hilariously relatable comics are coming out in a new book, Adulthood Is a Myth

These comics are for everyone who sometimes feels awkward, anti-social, and insecure. The slightly deranged protagonist takes on topics like how unfair life can be for ladies, procrastinating, and how hard it is to be an adult, often complaining to her sardonic bunny sidekick. Some of the thoughts she gives voice to will make you say to yourself "Oh, thank god I'm not the only person who thinks that."


Check out some of the painfully true comics below.

Adulthood Is a Myth comes out March 8.

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