In 1973's Spiderman Universe Earth 616, Gwen Stacy dies in the infamous clash between Spider Man and Green Goblin. You would think that 40 years of comic book decay means the iconic character looks too ghastly to resurface, but that isn’t what writer Jason Latour and artists Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi decided. 

Despite being nervous about touching long-gone Gwen, Latour--who grew up idolizing white-male superheroes--realized that if she could escape her death, then she could truly become anything. He also saw his heroine as an important chess piece in the ongoing feminist revamp that will soon take over the comic world.


So from the grave rises Gwen Stacy, Earth-65’s very own radioactive female in her very own new book: Spider-Gwen. In Gwen's latest adventures, she must make time for her femme-fatale band, avoid the usual bad wrap from the Daily Bugle, and war with the newly conceived Vulture. With a new host of enemies and friends, witty-graffiti that slays the bad-guys’ egos, and a killer costume, we are pretty certain that you’ll be as ready to get your copy of Spider-Gwen’s story as we are. 

Image c/o illustrators