I don't like to brag, but we won another Folio award for our fantastic and formidable Holiday Craftacular!! We won the Gold last year (for best Consumer Trade show) and this year gold for best Special Event and some other thing called the Grand Fame Winner! We'd like to thank all the amazing vendors and shoppers that make the Craftaculars so fun, as well as all the behind the scenes people like Susan, Maggie and our amazing staff and interns that work like dogs to pull it off. Award winning, sweetie. Oh and click below for more braggin'I kept meaning to post this last year, when we won a merit award with the very prestigious SPD . i will not lie, it is extremely tough competition, so even tho it was barely a blip on the map, we were none the less very proud of it. The award was for this fashion spread based on the show Dark Shadows, Photographed by Danielle St. Laurent , styled by Jenni lee , make up by Candice Forness .dark shadows 1DS2DS2vampire

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