THE NAUGHTY SECRETARY CLUB: The Working Girl’s Guide to Handmade Jewelry - BUST

Jen Perkins finally tells us how to make her outrageously kitschy jewelry!

Way back in the dark ages, before there was an Etsy.com or a rash of DIY mags and blogs, there was Jen Perkins, handmaking her outrageously kitschy jewelry and selling it on her Web site. At BUST, we coveted her bracelets made of giant, sparkly resin cubes with cut-out pictures from comic books, among her many other cute and crafty offerings. But now we need covet no more, because Perkins has generously revealed the methods to her madness. In her new book, she tells you step-by-step how to make those bracelets (the beads are made in an ice cube tray!), along with instructions for an adorable fabric-covered button ring, a Scrabble-tile bracelet, and sweet earrings made from shredded junk mail. But there’s much more here than just jewelry: Perkins also leads you through the process of making an adorable headband, a pretty pearl collar, and a brooch made from old ties. Along the way, you’ll learn all the basics of jewelry-making through a variety of methods, all presented in Perkins’ playful style. If you want to find out how to make some of the quirkiest bangles and baubles ever, here’s your chance to learn from the master.