This Sunday, January 6th, Tom Tom Magazine and MoMa PS1 are teaming up to bring you an afternoon of amazing drum performances from a handful of talented lady musicians. Tom Tom is the world’s only magazine for female drummers and The Oral History of Female Drummers will be its second event organized with ARTBOOK at MoMa PS1. 


The drummers will engage in a call and response performance throughout the several floors of the museum. Notable beatboxer Ashley “Say Wut?!” Moyer will find each woman, re-interpret her personal beat, and pass off beats from drummer to drummer. The artist Itta painted drum heads and sticks for the performers to use “so that they will be chipping away at their own histories.”



Ashley "Say Wut?!" Moyer

Featured drummers will include Minday Abovitz, Tom Tom Magazine founder/editor, Kristin Mueller of The Caulfield Sisters, Lucinda Black Bear, and Christy and Emily, Sean Desiree of Bell’s Roar, Chloe Saavedra of Chaos Chaos and Smoosh, and drummers Kiran Gandhi and Jessie Nelson.


The event is free with museum admission and begins at 3pm. Sounds like a bangin’ good time to us. (I know I’m beating a dead horse with that one.) Plus Tom Tom will be selling the latest issue of the mag during the event. RSVP on Facebook over here!