Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week has me feeling very ocean-oriented, and though I'm not very crafty, I have countless creative, Pinterest-crazy pals who I think would be into these shark-inspired DIY projects. Go on ahead and dive into these shark-infested waters--you won't regret it.


First, we have to make sure our nails look fly. Or in this case, bloody as hell. Check out the mani below for easy inspiration. All you'll need are blue and red nail polish for the simple version--use the blue as your watery base and let dry. Then go nuts, splattering those nails with bloody red. If you're up to it, add some animals: use silver polish to paint a triangle on one nail. Then, with a black polish and small brush, paint two dots for eyes. A white detail brush does the trick for teeth.

Next, we'll get toothy. There are SO many DIY tutorials for shark-tooth necklaces, but I've linked to one below that's particularly sharp.

If you need shark-related party decorations, just fold a paper plate in half and cut a jagged zig-zag into the middle, leaving space at the sides. Open it up and you have your own set of chompers.


To surprise a loved one, sew triangle-shaped pieces of a sturdy white fabric onto the hood of one of their hoodies. Show them that you love them so much, you could eat them right up.

Finally, for dessert, check out the recipe for these delicious-looking cupcakes, complete with air-head shark fins.

Note that no shark attacks took place during the composition of this post.

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