Sleep-Away Creative Camp, but for Adults

Who says you’re too old for sleep-away camp? The fun-filled getaway isn’t just for little kids, anymore.  Founded in 2009 by self-proclaimed “adventurer” Angela Ritchie, Ace Camps are travel experiences for the creatively curious. Each journey features a different leader who is established in his or her field. Ranging from bloggers, artists, crafters, foodies, and writers, these talented creative-types conduct different workshops, lectures, and demonstrations. Each instructional event will help you learn, improve skills, and get inspired. There’s no doubt you’ll get the individual and intimate attention you may need to fully reach your goals, as most groups range from about 4-10 people, maximum. Some Ace Camps in the past have included trips to Sweden with personal-favorite artist Camilla Engman, and afternoons of feeding goats in Morocco with the lovely artist Suzanne Northcott.  There have also been nights of slumbering under the stars, surfing lessons, and gondola rides up mountains.


In addition to getting your creative-juices flowing, these camps provide an opportunity to explore new cities and different cultures, either on your own or with some lovely like-minded travelers who share a similar enthusiasm. You don’t have to worry about sleeping amongst daddy long-legs and eating canned beans in a log cabin during your stay, either. For each Ace Camp a unique location is chosen--including historical hotels, mansions, and even ranches--where you can enjoy a nice prepared meal with the instructor and fellow travelers.

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While most of the 2012 Ace Camps have filled up or occurred already, you can still sign up to go to the land of blue oceans and breezy palm trees in Kailua, Hawaii. With travel writer and author Rolf Potts, you’ll have the opportunity to develop memoirs, travel stories, and experimental essays all while on the soft island sand. Angela is currently working on Ace Camps for 2013 that could take you to Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, Portland, Paris and more, but she warns, “If you are not open to spontaneity…Ace Camps may not be for you.” Angela believes that being “[open] to impromptu experiences creates adventure.” Now, where are my binoculars? 

Images courtesy of Ace Camps


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