As a child of the nineties, I have such a soft spot for the toys of my youth. Furbies were somehow cute and creepy at the same time, Skip-Its were practically the only way my mom could get me to exercise, and I'm pretty sure I thought my Lite Brite drawings had one up on Van Gogh's Starry Night. 

I've gotten over most of my obsessions because, you know, I grew up or something. But every now and then, those old standbys get an update and my pigtails-sporting, Lisa Frank-toting inner nineties child will get to geek out.

Mari Kasurinen, a Finnish sculptor, revamps My Little Pony toys, creating tiny horse replicas of some of today's most interesting pop icons. The remakes are masterful (as much as 40 hours of work!), and there's a little something for every cultural leaning. Kasurinen says her work is a reflection on the influence of celebrities and popular culture on our self image. I see what she's getting at, 22 year old me in 2012. But inner 8 year old me? She just thinks they're pretty.


Check out some of Kasurinen's work below.

Wonder Woman

Batman and Robin

Lady Gaga


Queen of Hearts

Michael Jackson

Edward Scissorhands

Storm Trooper



Image source the Huffington Post

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