Having a place of one's own is quite the challenge, and not only with regard to paying the bills and making sure that the couch isn't consistently covered with cat hair. On top of these basic requirements, there is also the task of making one's house a home, adding those tender touches that can really transform a living space. A perfect way to create visual interest and generate conversations for those grown-up dinner parties you've always wanted to have is by choosing some art to line the hallowed halls of your abode. The problem with unique artist prints has often been, for many people, the fact that these one of a kind works can get a bit pricey.

(Paper Planes by Rui Ribeiro)


Welcome to art exchange site Let's Swap. A virtual bartering bazaar, the site is a place where artists and their potential customers can strike up a deal. Funded by Hyperakt, a design collective based in Brooklyn that is committed to art as a vehicle for social change, Let's Swap wants exchanging art to be as simple as it was in art school. Offer a participating artist anything that would be considered a fair trade. Love that striking art deco print but think it will clash with your David Bowie poster? Initiate a trade!

New Fall Issue d217c

The site does not require a sign-up, and postage is handled by each party at his/her end. Not every swap is accepted, as it's up to the artist which swaps to engage in, but isn't it worth a shot? Happy swapping, BUSTies!


Image source letsswap.it

Tags: art , decorating

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