The Village Voice reports that Kathleen Hanna is the set designer for Wicked Clown Love, an experimental performance piece by theatrical provocateur Neal Medlyn that is "built around the music and culture of hip-hop duo Insane Clown Posse, their devoted fan base the Juggalos, and other forms of male bonding and ritual." Yes, you read that correctly. New York venue The Kitchen  says that the piece

...will revolve around Medlyn's dark specter versions of ICP songs, male bonding activities, flashlight wrestling, terror and horror, face paint, underground Midwestern horror rap, Faygo showers, clown love, and much more.

So obviously it's a natural fit for OG riot grrrl Hanna, right? If you're confused about Hanna's role in building this bizarre Faygo-soaked world, consider that the New York art scene is actually kind of a small, weird world-- Medlyn collaborated with Hanna's partner Adam Horowitz on a performance last year, and has worked with the keyboardist (Kenny Mellman) and drummer (Carmine Covelli) of Hanna's band Julie Ruin. And I mean, after a year that brought us Lulu and Jack White's real-life ICP collabo, this isn't that surprising. I have a not-secret-enough fascination with Juggalo culture but zero desire to attend The Gathering of The Juggalos, so I might just have to check this out. After all, I think that Medlyn's past performances (like recreating a Beyonce concert with his junk perched precariously in a spangled bodysuit) are hilarious, and I'm curious to see the space my girlhood hero Hanna created.  Tickets are available here.


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The cast of Wicked Clown Love. (photo credit: Allison Michael Orenstein)

Kathleen Hanna is the Set Designer for an Insane Clown Posse-Inspired Performance Piece [The Village Voice]

(Image credit: Sophie Howarth (1996),

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